EGL Network Reaches Agreement With Former EGL International

The EGL network has reached a deal with the former CEO of EGL International, setting a dispute over who owns the Israel license.

Guy Benhamou, former CEO of EGL International and its parent company Eurogem, will step down from that position, according to one of the heirs of founder Guy Margel who wishes to be identified as Michael.

“From now on, EGL will stick to one set of standards,” he says. “If a client goes to EGL Israel or Antwerp, he will receive exactly the same grade. The idea is to show consistency.”

The news still does not affect EGL USA, he notes.

“We don’t hold the EGL trademark in the U.S. and Canada,” he says. “The dispute we had with EGL USA was isolated to Eurogem. Perhaps we can start over and maybe we can collaborate in a few years.” 

The dispute had held up the reorganization plan the EGL network announced in December, which appointed veteran gemologist Menahem Sevdermish general manager. But he now says it’s free to go forward.

“I agree with Martin Rapaport that this needed to be clarified,” he says. “If we can take it from 10 EGLs down to two—us and EGL USA—that will be a great achievement.”

Benhamou, who had previously said his lab would keep functioning, did not answer a request for comment. 

JCK News Director