EGL Int’l: No Single Diamond Grading Standard Exists

There is no single international standard for diamond grading, said Israeli lab EGL International in a statement in response to recent actions by trading networks.

“With regard to the Rapaport Group’s decision to delist diamond grading reports of EGL and that it views GIA as the industry standard…the use of the term standard suggests that such a standard exists,” the statement said. “At this point in time there is no single, international standard for diamond grading that has national or international status or acceptance.” 

It added that labs “consistently state that the results of diamond grading are, to a certain extent, subjective,” and that EGL International employs recognized graduate gemologists and uses the latest technology to detect HPHT and synthetics.

It also disputed a contention by EGL USA that there is a border ban that does not allow EGL reports to be sold in the United States.

“There has never been and there is no USA border ban on diamond grading reports issued by EGL,” said the statement. “EGL certificates are legitimate and issued legally worldwide.” It argued a border ban would impede free trade. 

In 2003, the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection accepted EGL USA’s application to record EGL USA as a registered service mark. EGL USA says that “any E.G.L.-named goods that are not EGL USA goods have been considered banned at the U.S. Customs border for over a decade.”

In related news, despite RapNet’s action—which bans all EGL reports—and an ensuing but narrower move from Polygon to no longer list stones graded by EGL International, the GemFind network says it will continue to list all reports.

“Diamond certificates are basically opinions of the labs,” says GemFind CEO Alex Fetanat. “I know EGL may not be as strict as AGS and GIA, but we as a service provider have to give that choice to our members to make that decision.”

IDEX has also said it will continue to list all reports. 

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