EganaGoldpfeil Acquired

Mywa, a new Swiss watch and jewelry company backed by a private investment group, on Tuesday acquired the key parts of the insolvent EganaGoldpfeil Group in Hong Kong and China.

In addition the owners of the brands for Esprit timepieces and jewelry and Puma timepieces are transferring the worldwide licenses for the manufacturing and marketing of these products to Mywa.

EganaGoldpfeil will now continue as a new company with 170 employees in Hong Kong.  Daniel Blunschi has been appointed chief operating officer. The current CEO Michael Poix will remain as a consultant.

The principal shareholders of the group are André and Ronnie Bernheim, owners of the Swiss Mondaine Watch Group and Adrian T. Keller, Chairman of DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Company in Asia, and a principal shareholder of the Diethelm Keller Group.

“Mywa will straight away go to work to run a successful business,” Ronnie Bernheim, the acting General Manager of Mywa, said. “With management and staff that has proven itself under extremely difficult conditions the strong brands, backed by a solid production base, will be quickly establish themselves again as market leaders. Mywa is now looking at acquiring or developing swiftly a European distribution organization to complement the international network.