Editor’s Cut: It’s All Relative

Jeffrey, Ben, and Kayli Roseman shared a lot of information about themselves and their family business. Here are some quotes that didn’t quite fit on a single page in the September 2011 issue of JCK magazine. 

Jeffrey Roseman, 52

President and owner, third generation

David Harvey Jewelers

Norwalk, Conn.

Ben Roseman, 28

Vice President, fourth generation

David Harvey Jewelers

Darien, Conn.

Kayli Roseman, 28

Store manager, fourth generation

David Harvey Jewelers

Darien, Conn.


Roseman family

My favorite thing

Jeffrey: When I retire I’ll miss selling the most. I love being on the sales floor, interacting with customers, and giving them good jewelry value for the money. Since Ben and Kayli joined the business, we all know each other’s strengths, with me on the sales floor being in front end of the business, with Ben good at back office management, and Kayli going from an accounting role to being the company’s CFO. The success of our business is yielding to each other’s strengths. 

Ben: I’m more of a back office guy. I’m on the sales floor when I need to be, but I’d rather be in the back office doing the buying and the merchandising. I’m also a self-taught advertising and IT guy, which are other key responsibilities where I shine off the sales floor. I’m greatly involved with accounts payable. It’s less glamorous, but there’s more of challenge, especially with the negotiating. I’m good at sales, but like it better when I see good plans and good planning come together.

Kayli: Right now I’ve stepped back slightly from my family role in the business to raise a family – right now that’s our son Zachary, who may one day be the fifth generation of family jewelers. I’m juggling work with family and have settled in to my bookkeeping role, but take on other roles that provide me with challenges such as ad campaigns and human resources. I’m very much engaged with the family business, so I can share ideas with Ben at home. It’s interesting to watch ideas talked about at home come to fruition at work. 

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