EBay chooses Jewelry Wizard for its jewelry auctions

The Internet auction Web portal eBay chose Jewelry Wizard for eBay as a way to ease the chore of selling jewelry on eBay. The software specializes in consignment sales on eBay for jewelry merchants.

Jewelry Wizard for eBay acts as a buffer between sellers and the eBay system. Sellers log into the Wizard Web site and fill out simple, yet intuitive forms that prompt them for all the information needed to properly describe their jewelry. The Jewelry Wizard then creates listings to launch eBay auctions, communicates with buyers, and arranges payment. The person listing the jewelry item doesn’t need to know anything about eBay, the Boca Raton, Fla.-based company said in a statement.

Using proprietary technology managed by a team of expert eBay jewelry sellers, Jewelry Wizard for eBay can list dozens of items onto eBay in as little as a day after signing up.

There is no sign-up fee or ongoing contractual obligation to become a Jewelry Wizard client, and users can sell either under their own advertised brand name or anonymously.

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