Rare Treat: Dufty Weis Opals Headed to the Berkshires

McTeigue & McClelland, the luxury jeweler with an atelier in the Berkshires and a showroom in Manhattan, is hosting a special event at its Great Barrington, Mass., flagship that will showcase some of the most extraordinary—and unusual—opals available today.

Called simply the Opal Show, the event features a collection from Dufty Weis, a highly regarded opal dealer specializing in exceptional material mined in Australia and Mexico. The three-day event kicks off Oct. 4 and will offer rare access to dozens upon dozens of top-quality black opals, fire opals, boulder opals, and yowah nut opals.

Dufty Weis boulder opalLoose Australian boulder opal from Dufty Weis Opals

“It’s fun to show people the breadth of what’s out there in the world of opals,” says co-owner Walter McTeigue, who also stressed the uncommon expertise of Robyn Dufty and Juergen Weis, who will present the collection in person. “We have a lot of respect and admiration for them,” he says. McTeigue and his partner, Tim McClelland, have dabbled in opals in the past but don’t have a big selection, so they were intrigued by the idea of bringing in a much larger collection of specimens from a leader in the field.

“We don’t put outsiders in front of our customers lightly, we have to trust their knowledge and integrity, and we don’t bother unless we can make the experience really world class,” says McTeigue.

And compelling exhibitions like the Opal Show tend to “create real reasons for people to stop in the store,” says McTeigue.

McTeigue McClelland Great Barrington storeThe McTeigue & McClelland atelier in the Berkshires, where locals and visitors can attend the Opal Show Oct. 4–6

“It’s hard to get people in. Everyone’s busy, so you have to make a big effort do something really special that you can get excited about. Our customers are not interested in ordinary things—neither are we—and we want to show them things they have never seen before and will never see again.”

Similar events have proved successful in the past, such as a showcase of exceptional colored diamonds with a GIA specialist in attendance, and for a few weeks this past summer, visitors to the Berkshires atelier could view the work of guest jewelry designers Gregore Morin and Jennifer Rabe-Morin of Santa Barbara, Calif. “They are incredible jewelry artists who are virtually unknown and have made some pieces that are in some of the top collections around the world,” says McTeigue.

Still, Tim McClelland’s designs tend to be the main draw, the perennial draw, and the Opal Show is no exception. Sample sketches of designs that might incorporate the various opals will be presented at the event so that clients can see the gems in context.

And to give a sense of the possibilities, a number of finished one-of-a-kind opal pieces by McTeigue & McClelland will also be on offer at the event, including the beauties shown below.

McTeigue McClelland sapphire and opal earringsEarrings with padparadscha sapphires, black opal drops, and diamonds in 18k yellow gold and platinum, price on request

McTeigue McClelland opal mens ringMen’s ring with 3.68 ct. oval cabochon black opal in 22k yellow gold and wrought iron, price on request

McTeigue McClelland opal and gemstone earrings

Earrings with garnets, padparadscha and blue sapphires, cognac old European–cut diamonds, and boulder opal drops in 18k and 22k gold and shibuichi, price on request


Top: Loose 25 x 18 x 8–mm Australian yowah nut opal from Dufty Weis Opals


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Amy Elliott

JCK Contributing Editor

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