DTC Botswana Names Brian McDonald as Managing Director

The Government of the Republic of Botswana and De Beers, the shareholders of Diamond Trading Company Botswana, on Wednesday announced the appointment of Brian McDonald as managing director. This appointment is effective April 1.

McDonald, who joined DTC in 1970, brings a wealth of experience in the diamond sorting, valuing, and trading environments. He also has intimate knowledge of the operations and the management of Botswana Diamond Valuing Company, the company whose operations will be transformed into the new company. Through his work at BDVC, he has full knowledge of the Botswana labor and commercial environment.

Currently McDonald is the executive director responsible for sorting and purchasing at DTC in London, a job he has held since 2005. Prior to this appointment he held various positions including senior quality controller, deputy general manager, and general manager of BDVC.

In addition to the experience at BDVC and at DTC London, McDonald has been intimately involved in the project to build and to deliver to the shareholders the venue for the Diamond Trading Company Botswana operations. Together with representatives of the Government of Botswana, McDonald is a member of the Project Working Group tasked by the shareholders to ensure timely and efficient delivery of the process to transform BDVC from a diamond sorting and valuing entity to a sorting, valuing and marketing company.

Some of the managing director’s key deliverables will be transfer of skills, training of marketing and sales teams, constituting an executive team, developing company policies, and ensuring smooth transition from BDVC to Diamond Trading Company Botswana.

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