Dressing for Sport: 12 Jewels to Pair With Athletic Style

I may be two months behind on my gargantuan pile of fashion magazines, but I’m still noticing common threads with regard to trends—not only in the magazines but in stores, fashion editorials, blogs, and so on. My favorite among those trends: athletic style. I love it because it’s so refreshing for styles to be no-fuss. I love wearing sneakers and sweatshirts and baseball caps and, though I’d do it anyway, it’s nice to be “in style” even on a comfortable day. Style gurus suggest mixing racerback tanks and dresses with heels. Finish a body-hugging pencil skirt with colorful athletic shoes. Layer a varsity jacket over a flowy dress. Neoprene, mesh, sports bras, and T-shirts reign supreme. All good stuff. So where does this leave the jewelry? Any great jeweler knows that wearing jewelry to the gym is a major no-no. It’s been pretty much cemented in my thinking that my engagement ring should never even see the inside of a gym. But if you or your customer is just trying to look sporty without doing the squats, lifts, and sprints, piling on the jewels is okay, right?

Sporty dressing calls for sleek, sparkly jewels. I think donning a diamond pendant or one with a pop of color with that racerback tank or underneath a track jacket looks powerful without being overwhelming and fits the active vibe really well.

KC Designs All Star diamond initial pendant A

KC Designs


Bassali Jewelry blue topaz wreath pendant

Bassali Jewelry


Carl K Gumpert diamond zodiac charm pendant

Carl K. Gumpert


In reading I’ve come across a couple of rules on this trend, and this one stands out the most: One mustn’t wear her hair up; you want to look like you’re dressing with athletic flair without actually appearing to be headed to the gym. Oh, the horror! I see the point, but rules are meant to be broken. And how cool does a pair of oversize hoop earrings look with a sleek jacket or cutout top? The effect just isn’t the same without a high ponytail.

Charles Garnier Paris Nicola bamboo hoop earrings

Charles Garnier Paris


Gabriel & Co. two-tone diamond hoop earrings

Gabriel & Co.


Ariva skinny hoop earrings



I love the idea of a collection of chunky gold-link bracelets paired with a fitness band. There’s no end in sight to the wearable-tech craze, so might as well embellish it!

Silo Bizantina chain bracelet



Temple St. Clair Jean D'arc link bracelet

Temple St. Clair


Old World Chain bold gold rolo bracelet

Old World Chain

And finally, there are stud earrings. They go with absolutely anything and add the finishing touch to even the most casual, low-key styles.

Coronet Diamonds Chamahez stud earrings

Coronet Diamonds


Nader Kash cushion-cut diamond stud earrings

Nader Kash


Garavelli Mercedes diamond stud earrings


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