Dress This Look: Jewelry to Wear With Fur

The sight of leather- and fur-trimmed outfits can elicit mixed feelings among animal lovers, but the prevalence of these materials on fall runways is just too hard to ignore. So if you’re a card-carrying PETA member and patrons come calling in animal skin, keep the conversation squarely focused on accessories that will contrast the supple soft or wildly shaggy looks of fringe or fur, perhaps detracting from its seemingly luxurious appeal. Here are three ways to accessorize to skin.

Pearls and Diamonds. These are a no-brainer, of course. The lustrous look of pearls will contrast beautifully with untamed manes, while diamonds radiate enough light to steal away attention from possible competitors for the spotlight.

Spike and Stud Motifs. Their minimalist, sometimes 3D looks can foil silky hairs and soft matte leather surfaces or suggest a tough-as-nails persona, making pointy-themed jewels ideal for vamping up a biker chic vibe or quietly rebelling against a classic, good girl aesthetic.

High-Polished Designs. Sleek and shiny links or gleaming geometric forms can offer a calm respite from the busyness of a big hairy coat or add dimension to black leather pants! Add two styles—a necklace and bracelet, a ring and earrings?—and outfits will be all the more balanced and bright.