Dress This Look: How to Accessorize Tweed & Houndstooth

With fall’s cooler temps come heavier fabrics, with perhaps nothing as iconic as tweed. Masculine-looking textiles like houndstooth, pinstripes, and others are on trend for fall 2013 fashion, and, like any sharp ensemble, would do well with a bit of bling to finish looks. Here are three ways to help customers brighten up next season’s styles.

Brooches. They’re an obvious choice to adorn heavy textiles, and their locations aren’t limited to lapels. Consider pinning a big one to a waist, belt, scarf, or even top button as a focal point, or a cluster of smalls sprinkled across a flared skirt. And of course, they even make interesting additions to hats and bags.

Head Gear. Pin a brooch in your hair. Wear a headband (or a necklace or bracelet positioned to look like one). Heck, even don a tiara. Place any bit of sparkle up top that that will offset the heavy, inherently virile aesthetic of this season’s hardest-working materials.

Oversize, Metal-Intense Styles. Think cuff bracelets and big earrings—sleek statement pieces—among others that can brighten up and counterbalance the dark, manly cloth.

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