DPS, JCK announce design competition

The Diamond Promotion Service, in partnership with JCK magazine, has announced a competition to challenge U.S. diamond manufacturers and designers to create new designs of diamond right-hand rings. The purpose of the competition is to generate designs that will capture the attention of retailers and ultimately help build diamond sales.

Winners will be announced just prior to The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas to ensure maximum exposure at the show and draw retailers to the winners’ booths.

The A Diamond is Forever “Women of the World” diamond advertising campaign was launched in September 2003. Since then, consumers have embraced the concept of buying diamonds for their right hands, and are seeking designs that best suit their individual styles. This competition is intended help to spur new design ideas and incremental sales at the diamond counter.

Winners will be feted at a special award ceremony during The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas, and their designs will be featured in JCK magazine and on both the JCK and DPS Web sites. Their pieces will be on display at The JCK Show, with editors from both consumer and trade press invited to the awards event.

The competition is open to all U.S. diamantaires, manufacturers, and designers. Designers who do not have manufacturing facilities of their own must have a sponsor, and the name of the sponsor must be on the entry form. Entrants also must ensure that all sponsors are aware of the competition rules.

A panel of judges will select the winning designs based on the quality of the design in relation to current fashion influence. The innovative use of both new and traditional materials—as well as originality, wearability, and salability—also will be considered. All entrants’ names will be kept confidential for judging, with all entries identified solely by number.

Deadline for entry is April 26, 2004. The competition rules are as follows:

* Entrants may submit up to five original designs for consideration, but only one design may win.
* Designs may not have been entered for any previous competition.
* Designs that are featured in the current A Diamond is Forever “Women of the World, Raise Your Right Hand” campaign may not be submitted for consideration.
* All submissions must be in color. Either a photograph of a finished piece, an original rendering, or a copy of an original rendering may be submitted. All designs entered must be as close to actual size as possible. Multiple views can be provided to show dimension and detail; these may be sketched in black and white.
* Designs must be mounted on cardboard or similar material, measuring approximately 8 in. by 10 in., for each design. Backgrounds should be plain.
* Neither actual pieces of jewelry nor models of pieces will be accepted.
* All entrants must completely fill out an entry form for each submitted piece and follow the directions on the form. Entry forms may be obtained from the Diamond Promotion Service Web site, www.dps.org.
* The designer’s name must not appear on the rendering, only on the entry form.
* DPS reserves the right to return any entry that does not meet these criteria.

Design criteria for entries are as follows:

* Each design must include at least one diamond of .20 ct. or more. The design of the ring should have a “north-south” (i.e., vertical) orientation on the finger. Designs must include open space, and should either include a mix of rounds and fancy shapes or use the same shape in a variety of sizes.
* Designs must use natural diamonds. Synthetic and/or treated diamonds will not be accepted and all stones will be examined or tested.
* Rough and/or uncut stones may not be used.
* Colored diamonds and/or other colored gemstones may not be used.

Some of the criteria for salability that judges will take into consideration are whether the design can be:

* made with fancy shapes and/or all rounds;
* made in a variety of different settings and price points;
* merchandised into jewelry collections;
* made with a larger “featured” diamond.

For more information, contact DPS at 800-370-6789, or visit the DPS Web site at www.dps.org.

Design renderings or photographs must be received by April 26, 2004, and winners will be notified by April 28. The selected designs must then be manufactured and returned to DPS for the award presentation no later than May 28, 2004. Winners will be embargoed from publicity until the formal awards ceremony, which will take place on Friday, June 4 at The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas.