Loop de Loop, the Double Hoop

The ear party is alive and well on Instagram, with (I’m estimating, here) millions of photos of earlobes, grouped with a fantastical array of stud earrings, huggies, and drops. You’re never short of inspiration when it comes to styling your ears—or any other place you wear jewelry, for that matter—and what a resource Instagram is for refreshing your style perspective.

But there’s a new (well, not so much new as renewed) way to wear earrings that appears to be trending on Instagram, and it’s got me positively smitten: the hoop earring duo.

We’ve seen rows of huggie earrings—the close-fitting size of hoop—along the ear, doubly, triply, even quadruply, before. But this is bigger.


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Take two large hoop earrings, slightly varying in size, or even the same size, shake once, and enjoy. It’s such a simple, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that style that, to me, seems unbelievably fresh. This is not revolutionary by any means. But it feels novel, after what seems like years of tiny stud earrings and just going for the petite, subtle styles in general.

I remember when I used to buy three-packs of hoops from Claire’s in my tween and teen years, to wear them just like this. That was long before my fine jewelry days, so this revival feels more mature, exceedingly elegant, and oh so chic. I’m feeling all, “Huh, I forgot about that!” about this simple styling trick and am so jazzed to embrace this way of wearing earrings again—to wear those pieces that I already own, differently. It breathes new life into some of the earrings that have been sitting in my jewelry box, waiting their turn.

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Of course, it also gives us participants the opportunity to shop for new accessories to create the look, too. Surely an excuse can be made for new earrings when the decision has been made to mix things up a bit, yes?

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Gathered here are some of the coolest photos I found of the look on Instagram recently. Inspiration abounds!

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