Dog Finds $20,000 English Space Diamond

Courtesy 77 Diamonds

The English space diamond

A man and his dog in Lincolnshire, England, have found the $20,000 diamond that has been missing since a London retailer shot it into space as a promotional stunt four and a half months ago.

Back in August, 77 Diamonds sent a 1.14 ct. diamond worth $20,000 into space on a helium balloon in what JCK’s Rob Bates called one of his 10 favorite jewelry promotions of 2014. A nationwide treasure hunt ensued, though the diamond had been missing ever since. (The GPS signal with which the company was tracking the package went out upon landing.)

The Daily Mail reports that on Dec. 23, Allan Bell was taking his springer spaniel, Rosie, for a walk on a country path near his home in Lincolnshire when the dog discovered something in a hedge.

“I looked a bit closer and saw the package had an orange parachute underneath it and details of who to contact written on it, and I knew it must be the diamond,” he told the Mail. “I got back to the car and drove home to open it up in a state of some excitement.” 

“Allan and I have kept our eyes open since the diamond went missing, but everyone was looking for the diamond around the village of Lea, so Allan never expected to find it in Brattleby, which is about 10 miles away,” said Pat Bell, Allan’s wife.

“We were starting to doubt whether it would ever be found,” Tobias Kormind, cofounder of 77 Diamonds, told the Mail. “It really captured the imagination of the nation at the time and we were overwhelmed by the thousands of people who joined in the treasure hunt to find it. We were very surprised to receive the call from Pat after so many months of searching and just find it even more remarkable that it should be discovered at Christmas. This, coupled with the fact that Pat and her husband Allan are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, makes it even more wonderful. We hope they get great pleasure from the diamond and enjoy recounting their exciting story of discovered treasure.” 

The couple plans to sell the diamond and go on a cruise to celebrate their anniversary.