a job search website, recently ranked “jeweler” as the second least stressful job of 2011. our readers had plenty to say about that.

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Do Jewelers Really Have One of the Least Stressful Jobs?

Recently, a survey from CareerCast, a job search website, crossed my desk. A sample forecast? “Jeweler” will be one of the least stressful jobs in 2012.

I knew our readers would have passionate responses after grappling with a rough economy over the last couple of years, and shrugging off the stress of what appeared to be a successful holiday season.

“While jewelers do get to enjoy helping customers celebrate joyous moments, especially during the holidays, there is an underlying stress that comes along with being in high-end luxury retail of any category,” says Daniel Gordon, president of Samuel Gordon Jewelers. “Approximately one-third of annual revenue is expected in a little over a 30 day period which adds immense stress in lower economic conditions where dispensable income is crucially examined by the spender on what to use it for purchasing gifts this time of the year.”

Gordon points out that jewelers are also stressed because they must hire and train extra part-time workers around the holidays, expertly pick out inventory that will resonate with customers during the rush almost half a year in advance, and fierce competition from both online jewelers and other brick and mortar stores.

Jewelers also have to deal with inclement economic and weather forecasts. “This year we were very lucky; it was mild to say the least,” Gordon says. “But in many years past ice storms have killed an entire week or two of business with power outages. Also, people definitely worry more about where to get food and shelter for their family and friends, then on going out dropping thousands of dollars on shiny baubles, diamonds, and watches.”

Gordon suggests three easy things jewelers should keep in mind when dealing with the stress of the job, whether it’s holiday time or not:

  • Stay positive
  • Go that extra mile
  • Prepare months in advance and communicate with your customers and staff like you never have before to make it happen as best as you can

Here were some of the other repsonses I received via email, Facebook, and Twitter:

“I totally disagree with jeweler being the second least stressful job. Is that a joke?” says Miller Williams, who is the apprentice to the bench jeweler at Lance & Co. Jewelers in Owensboro, Ky. “If you do your job correctly there should be some level of stress.”

“Excuse me?! Are any of those compiling this list actually in the trade or are they strictly ‘armchair’ jewelers?” asks Nancy Zacco Joys on Facebook.

“I have been in the industry for 30 years and I will not agree with this,” says Ozcan Jewelers Inc. on Facebook. “Has any one of them worked in the field during the holidays when everyone wants everything done yesterday and if you don’t get it done they think it is the end of the world?”

Classic Creations asked me on Twitter what job the website considered the least stressful before commenting. After finding out it was a medical records technician, @CCJewellers replied, “I’ll stick to being a jeweler!”

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