Do Diamonds Have Healing Properties?

We’ve all heard of healing crystals. But healing diamonds?

I’ve seen countless presentations on diamonds, but the talk by VIVAAN by YNY lead designer Surbhi Pandya at last week’s Natural Colored Diamond Association (NCDIA) brown diamond panel on the stones’ healing properties was certainly unique, and seemed to captivate the crowd. So I asked Pandya to talk a little bit more about her views.

Whether or not all this is your thing—and it’s not really mine—her views are certainly intriguing. And hey, they may give the industry a new selling point.

Edited excerpts follow: 

You have both a healing background and diamond background, correct?

I was born in the diamond business. From a very young age, I have been playing with diamonds. I am a pranic healer, an energy healer. When I learned about crystal healing I started getting interested with how the diamonds are affected by healing science. Can they be used, like crystals, to heal? The more I started working with diamonds, because they were always around me, the more and more I started looking at them and sensing their energetic fields.

So I started studying diamonds, started understanding their auras, their hues. I started studying their textures, feeling them, talking to them. I could kind of hear songs in the diamond. I started to get in-depth with them.

When you say a diamond has an aura, what does that mean?

Every conscious being has an energy field around them. This energy field extends beyond the physical body. So a diamond has an energy that extends out of it. So I study that energy body.  

Each diamond has unique properties. I can tell you without looking at a diamond if it’s a VS stone, or if it’s a SI stone. I can point out where an inclusion is without even looking at the diamond. This is possible because of its energetic field. 

With diamond, the most beautiful and amazing part is, it has the ability to delete or to erase obstructions in our emotions and thoughts and to bring about clarity of thought. I always say there is a real world, and there is an unreal world. For many of us, money and materialistic pleasures are the real world. In actual sense, this is an unreal world, but the actual world is something that is within yourself.…

Diamonds strengthen the reality aspect of our human nature. They brings clarity or clearer vision to such an extent that one is able to make clearer perceptions of things.…

How can people access this?

It is easy. You have to feel your energy field first. And that happens by rubbing your hands and your fingers so you operate your chakras. You just need to look at the diamond and you need to start scanning its energetic field. You need to start listening to it and you need to listen to the inner eye. It doesn’t happen from your outside hearing or your outside eye—your outside perceptions—but your inside perceptions. And you can start seeing things in there. You can hear sounds. You can feel the textures. You can feel the heat, the softness…its vibrations. Like a pink diamond has a soft vibration, compared to a while diamond. A white diamond is powerful and strong. 

So the color of the diamond makes a difference? 

Yellow has a lot of special appeal to it. The moment you look at the yellow color, it actually opens up your emotional center. This emotional center is mostly related to the solar plexus chakras, front and back. What happens is a clearing up of emotions. You just start feeling a bigger sense of things, rather than being worried about all the little things of life.

Does anyone else have this perspective? 

People who are collectors or cutters know what I am talking about. After years, they know which piece is meant for them, or what piece gets the highest value. They can feel that. A cutter can feel when it’s a rough piece, can feel what is the shape that has to come out. He is communicating with the diamond.

You said that diamonds don’t always have positive effects. 

Whatever hands the stone has traded from the miner to the end user, every single person exchanges feelings and emotions when they hold a diamond in their hand.… The diamond has captured the psychic emotions and abilities of the people who have interacted emotionally with it. That is the reason that I recommend everyone to clean their diamonds. If they don’t clean them, these emotions can affect any the other person who wears it.

What if it was is a blood diamond?

That would hurt the diamond, absolutely.  

And how do you clean it? 

The easiest way it to dip it in salt and water. That will right away disintegrate any negative emotions that are present in any crystal.

Does the size of the stone matter?

The bigger the size of the diamond, the higher its influence on a person’s psyche, or on a person’s energetic field. The smaller the diamond, the lesser the effect.

Is all this the reason diamonds are used for engagement rings?

An engagement ring is an emotional lock. It is your commitment or dedication to that one person in life who in that moment you feel absolutely committed to.…

Diamonds have become part of those rings because they can improve one’s functioning. They bring clarity. In a relationship, you need a bigger vision. You have to allow another vision to come into yours. And that is possible only when you lose your stubbornness and you allow the other person to become one with you, and you understand what the other person is feeling too. That clarity will come with the effect of diamond.

Any other thoughts?

People should operate more from a heart level than from the mind level. Truly, diamonds are not just here for moneymaking—they are a major thing that can improve one’s life to a very high level.

We can be in the business, we can deal, but if we do these dealings with higher emotions, it will attract higher values in our life. 

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