Did This Alabama Jewelry Store Billboard Just Give You the Finger?

An expressive billboard from Wholesale Jewelry in Huntsville, Ala., has grabbed the attention of customers with a sense of humor.

The billboard features an image of a woman holding up her ring finger. Although meant to look like she’s “flipping the bird,” she is actually tired of waiting for a proposal.

Photo courtesy of Wholesale Jewelry 

“Nine out of 10 customers get a chuckle,” says Greg Cornelius, who manages the family-owned jewelry store owned by his step-father, Gerriel Stephens. “Only about one out of 10 are offended.”

Stephens thought of the idea when searching advertising concepts online. According to Cornelius, a few dozen people have mentioned that the billboard led them to the store since the advertisement went up in February. “Ads are intended to grab people’s attention,” Cornelius says.

The billboard, which is located about a half mile from the store, will continue to entertain customers for a few more months.

As for the few conservative customers who find the advertisement distasteful? “It’s impossible to please everyone,” Cornelius says. “I won’t avoid humor just because some people don’t like it.”

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