Diamonds, But Different

It’s nearly April, and though diamonds are without a doubt considered the “all-time” stone, the fact that it’s the coming month’s birthstone shines the spotlight on them a little brighter. Not only are diamonds your central theme in bridal, but, this month, they may also be sought by customers for birthday gifts (self or otherwise). A bezel-set pendant? They bought it last year. A petite little diamond ring? Yup, got that, too.

For those April-born who can’t stomach getting just another diamond jewel (champagne problems, am I right?), I suggest styles like these: decked in diamonds still, but not the way your clients might expect. Admittedly, these price tags won’t be for everyone (but then again, neither is buying a new piece of diamond jewelry every year, is it?). Happy birthday, you lucky April revelers (but for certain people reading this, diamonds aren’t solely for those with a birthday this month).

Todd Reed diamond ring | JCK On Your Market

Ring in 18k yellow gold with 1.87 ct. rose-cut diamond and 0.75 ct. t.w. brilliant diamonds, $20,650; Todd Reed

Borgioni black diamond earrings | JCK On Your Market

Earrings with black diamonds, price on request; Borgioni

L'Dezen diamond ring | JCK On Your Market

Ring in rose gold with diamonds, price on request; L’Dezen

Alexis Barbeau black diamond Y necklace | JCK On Your Market

Sea Grass Y necklace in 14k yellow gold with 11 cts. t.w. black diamond beads and 0.15 ct. t.w. white sapphires, $3,000; Alexis Barbeau

Anabel Higgins Aster shaker pendant | JCK On Your Market

Aster antique shaker pendant in 18k yellow gold with crystal, diamonds, and seed pearls, $3,000; Anabel Higgins

Chinchar/Maloney Krakatoa earrings | JCK On Your Market

Krakatoa earrings in 14k recycled yellow gold with 3.56 cts. t.w. rose-cut salt and pepper diamonds and brilliant yellow diamonds, price on request; Chinchar/Maloney

Kaali Designs Contellation ring | JCK On Your Market

Constellation ring in 18k yellow gold with 0.66 ct. kite-shape gray diamond slice and 0.34 ct. t.w. diamonds, $3,934; Kaali Designs

Lauren K Chantal diamond ring | JCK On Your Market

Chantal ring in rose gold with 1.4 cts. t.w. rose-cut champagne diamonds and 0.16 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,695; Lauren K

Suzanne Kalan Fireworks Vitrine flower pendant | JCK On Your Market

Vitrine flower ring in 18k rose gold with 12mm white topaz and 1.1 cts. t.w. baguette diamonds, $6,800; Suzanne Kalan


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