DiamondEnvy.com Unveils Natural Color Black Diamond Collection

Black diamonds are often treated to create inky hues, but one New York City–based online outlet professes to have a dozen naturally black beauties available for purchase.

The 15-year-old DiamondEnvy.com announced that it recently added one dozen 100-percent-natural black diamonds to its online inventory. The stones can be purchased loose or incorporated into a custom piece.

The merchant says it does not carry treated diamonds, so the naturally black stones are a perfect fit for its inventory. Each comes with a GIA grading report (all are viewable online) verifying that the origin of color is natural.

Stone shapes include five round brilliants, one princess cut, one heart shape, three pears, one cushion cut, and one marquise. The site also uploaded videos showing how light reflects off the stones in order to give potential buyers a more realistic view of the rocks. DiamondEnvy.com also maintains that its diamonds have been ethically sourced and are from conflict-free zones.

A GIA diamond grading report that accompanies one of DiamondEnvy.com's naturally black-color diamonds.

A GIA diamond grading report that accompanies one of DiamondEnvy.com’s naturally black-color diamonds

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