Diamond Shavings: Your (Once Again Early) Web Round-Up

If you don’t want to have your holidays ruined by bad news, please skip the first group of articles (and, to be honest, most of the rest.) But seriously, have a great holiday and enjoy any time off! …


Re-tail of Woe

– Worst season in 40 years?
– Bloomberg: Final holiday weekend sales “dismal.”

– AP: January “looks scarier.”

– 2009 retail predictions. (Warning: Not pretty.)


Good News Alert! Good News Alert!: Champion ring sales up.


JC Penney discounting jewelry after Christmas.

Ken Gassman on Sterling Jewelers.


Surat factories start to reopen.

– Industry indsutry talks about government assistance.

– Two jobless polishers commit suicide.


Israeli diamond company closes.
– Israel exchange warns against “private” settlements.


NY Post: Skywatch Tower in Diamond District.


Alrosa gets $1.6 million loan.


Arizona jeweler wounded in gun battle. He’s recovering.
– Michigan jeweler kidnap plot foiled.


Sierra Leone child laborers speak.

Beyonce has two engagement rings! As everyone should …

Jewelry stolen from Paris Hilton bedroom. Police think the suspect may have been there before. Which narrows the suspect list to several thousand people. (Ba-dump-bump. Hey, it’s the holidays.)


Media Watch:

Botswanan newspaper has good overview of country’s industry.

The CBC on the Canadian industry’s slowdown.

Danvers, Ma. newspaper talks to local jewelers.

Thestreet.com talks to De Beers’ Stephen Lussier.

Pugent Sound Business Journal interviews Blue Nile CEO.

Local story on Crater of Diamonds Park.
AP story on art deco jewelry.

Central New York newspaper story on Hearts on Fire.


Hope everyone has a great holiday …

JCK News Director