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Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup (Week of Sept. 19)

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This week: Hong Kong: Phooey? Identity-theft scandal at Saks. Nick Cannon makes a splash with diamond shoes. All below.


Antwerp Diamond Bank closing down.


Lab Blab

– Polygon bans EGL Int’l reports from network.

– EGL Int’l says no universal standard exists. (Full statement.)

GemFind and IDEX say they’ll list them all.

– EGL USA protests RapNet ban.

– How can we maintain consistent grading standards?


Chaim Even-Zohar discovers undisclosed synthetics set in jewelry.

– Lab-grown diamond store opens in Philippines.


“Mixed” sentiment at Hong Kong show.

– Improves on second day.

– Man arrested for diamond switch.

– “Lessons from Hong Kong.”


Nebraska jeweler killed in robbery.

– Suspect arrested.

– Jewelers review security.


Saks workers caught binge shopping with customer cards.

– Will it tarnish brand’s image?

Sears borrows $400 million from CEO’s hedge fund.


New FTC “made in USA” decision could affect all fine jewelry.


Richemont founder returns as sales disappoint.


Asian diamond sales falling amid Chinese crackdown.


Why Apple might be a threat to Rolex.

– Analyst thinks it could crush Fossil.

– Verdict from the watch industry.

– Worthy reads on the Apple Watch: Marco.org, BGR.comDaring Fireball, Engadget, Bloomberg Business Week, Stratechery, Slate.


TAG Heuer manufacturing smartwatch, according to reports.

– Smartwatch use is dangerous in cars.


And don’t forget Apple Pay.


Worldwide diamond jewelry sales hit $79 billion; rough shortage looms.

– De Beers CEO talks up Asia on CNBC.

– The Wall Street Journal (and Rapaport) say diamond prices are falling.

Jezebel and The Blaze are skeptical.


De Beers may sell Kimberley mine.


Namibian diamonds going to those with connections to government.


Private equity firm betting on African diamond mine.


122-ct. blue fetches $27 million—not a record.


Alrosa giving priority to customers not subject to possible sanctions.

– Executives don’t expect diamond price dip.


Rio Tinto, De Beers debate diamond brands in Hong Kong newspaper.


Haaretz on Israel’s struggle to stay relevant. 


South African cutting industry facing challenges.


Zimbabwe has diamond proceeds seized in Belgium.

– Country losing $17 billion in revenue.

–  Zimbabwe wants to “add value” to its production.

– Many Zim diamonds smuggled through Mozambique.

– Russia prospecting in Zimbabwe.


Petra hopes to resolve union dispute.


Dominion to stop flying workers from Edmonton.


Harry Winston launches new ad campaign.


Smyth Jewelers leaves ad agency.


Two allege jewelers stole money, gems.


Gemfields enters sapphire market.


New jewelry etailer—MyFlashTrash.


First court decision on Pebble mine could come in October.


Miley Cyrus designs jewelry.

– How to make it yourself.


Nick Cannon wears $2 million diamond shoes on America’s Got Talent.


Jenny McCarthy loses wedding band.


Hiding diamonds creates “frenzy” in English town.


Guy gets locked in jewelry store, cops amused.


Media Watch:

Popsugar quiz: Which engagement ring are you?

Dubai luxury site on how diamond watches are made.   

Comedy duo satirizes engagement ring tradition in Huffington Post.

Christian Science Monitor says buy small diamonds, not big ones.


From the blog

Why Apple Might Be a Threat to Rolex

How Can We Maintain Consistent Diamond Grading Standards?



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