Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup, Week of Nov. 6

This week: Guy proposing with diapers not as creepy as the guy who does it with a wisdom tooth. Jewelry thief apologizes, steals anyway. Jeweler sells $600,000 watch. All below.


More than 200 jewelers called it quits in last quarter, JBT says.


Blue Nile continuing brick-and-mortar expansion.

– Beats profit forecasts.

– Earnings call transcript.


Who are the top Internet jewelers?

– New site, True Facet, appraises everything.


Just 3 percent of population owns smartwatches or smartbands.

– Apple now selling watch at discount with iPhone.

– Designer: Apple Watch success could “take years.”

– Competitors not noticing impact.

– New estimate: 7 million Apple Watches sold.


Breitling to launch smartwatch.


Disc turns analog watches into smartwatches.


 HSN “not pleased” with results as jewelry sales slip.


Cartier CEO resigns.


Head of IDMA calls for more price stability.

– Charles Wyndham on the industry’s issues.

– Ehud Laniado wants more transparency.

– Michelle Graff shares her vision for diamond advertising.


Indian industry aims to probe diamond grading fraud.

– Vinod Kuriyan: “Strong medicine” needed.


Diamond rarity, engagement rings, and the endless game of telephone.


Christie’s Hong Kong to auction important pigeon’s-blood ruby.


Colombia hopes to revamp its emeralds’ rep.


SSEF, Gübelin Gem Lab agree on color standards.


Drop in Northwest Territories diamond exploration predicted.


Diamond industry in Botswana peters out.


Murowa Diamonds to boost production.


What’s the future of the world’s gold mines?


Indian prime minister wants to sell gold stash.

– Russia doubles down on gold.

– Overstock’s hoarding some, too.


Pebble mine leaving a mess, detractors say.


NCDIA director steps down.


Watch executive Mort Gershman dies.


New York says Kendra Scott is “about to be everywhere.”


Retailer gets mileage by running for jeweler.


Jeweler sells $613,000 watch.


Feds raid jewelry store over Native American jewelry.


The apologetic jewelry thief.


Pink Panther gang inspires new TV series

Michael Turnbull stands by his replica Rolex.


The engagement ring Derek Jeter gave to Hannah Davis.


Did Dubai diamond dealer help fix cricket games?


Victoria’s Secret diamond-covered “fantasy bra” unveiled.


Columnist already snarky about Kay’s two-stone commercial.


Israeli diamond museum to display rare Egyptian jewelry.


The Seattle Times lists top cursed gems.


The 12 most expensive gemstones in the world.


Couple sues JetBlue over missing jewelry.


Man proposes with packs of diapers.


Another dude proposes with wisdom tooth ring. World gags.


Media Watch:

De Beers CEO Philippe Mellier gives secret of business success (video).

Financial Times says “shine is off” diamond trade (registration required).

Marketwatch says diamond prices have farther to fall.

Attn: on the “disturbing reasons” we buy engagement rings.

The New York Times looks at Cartier craftsman.

Visual Capitalist on the most famous diamonds.

Gawker is snarky about Blue Moon diamond.

Huffington Post blogger on how to propose without a diamond.


From the Blog:

Diamond Rarity, Engagement Rings, and the Endless Game of Telephone

Who Are the Top Internet Jewelers?


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