Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup, Week of Nov. 20

This week: Is Macy’s a takeover target? Who will buy the 1,111 ct. diamond? And just what is a Siberian ice diamond? (I have no clue.) All below.


Diamonds Direct purchased by investment fund Blackstone.


 Jewelry again tops Black Friday discounts.

 – Macy’s cutting engagement ring prices by 30 percent.

My thoughts.


Jewelry sales rising, except for high end.


Don’t freak out about all the jewelers closing.

– Michelle Graff: A demographic issue?


Luxury jewelry headed for “years of smaller growth.”

– Danielle Max: The future of retail is digital.


Edahn Golan: How falling jewelry sales has hurt De Beers rough sales.

– Alrosa maintains rough prices.

– IDMA president says downturn should end by middle of next year.

– India’s industry facing “worst crisis ever.”


The second-largest diamond ever found: 1,111 carater dug up in Botswana.

– Avi Krawitz: Puts Lucara in the spotlight.

– Who will buy it?

– Mining company CEO still “completely stunned.”


The “real architects” of Botswana beneficiation.


Antwerp traders get jail time for bribing diamond grader.


NGOs boycotting Kimberley Process next year.

– Why civil society is essential to the KP.

– Angola unblocks certain issues.


World Diamond Council plans PR effort.

– Edward Asscher speech.


Dominion Diamond, union talks stall.

– De Beers seeks support for diamond exploration.


Siberian ice diamond—a game changer? (I am not sure what this is, but am looking into it.)


Scio Diamond sees greater sales, production—and losses.

Moissanite now being sold by Boscov’s.

– Charles & Colvard on path to profitability?

Department Store Woes

– Macy’s now a takeover target?

– Nordstrom latest department store to stumble.

– J.C. Penney gets “early holiday gift” from banks.


Shinola now has 500 employees.


Swiss watch exports fall again.

– Apple Watch effect?


Watch brands put emphasis on store design.


Former Joseph Blank VP Lou Blank dies.


Shmuel Schnitzer stepping down as head of Israel Diamond Exchange.


Westfield, Conn., jeweler wanted for larceny.


Kansas jeweler gets jail for buying stolen jewelry.


Tanzania miners rescued after 41 days trapped underground.


Good Men Project tells the story of a female engagement ring.


Restaurant selling $45,000 Thanksgiving dinner with diamond in stuffing.


Media Watch:

The Washington Post on what do with useless engagement ring.

– Huffington Post on when to give one back. 

Brides: What happens when you flush one down toilet?

The Telegraph on the “unstoppable rise” of mid-priced jewelry.

– Analyst discusses investing in jewelry.


From the Blog:

Jewelry Should Not Be Discounted 75 Percent

Why We Shouldn’t Get Freaked Out About the Number of Jewelers Closing


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