Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup, Week of March 13

This week. How watchmakers are countering Apple. Thief caught after jeweler bites him. Gold nugget found by grumpy husband. All below.


Crime struck mall jewelers more than other types in 2014.

– Average engagement ring spend rose last year.


U.S. jewelry store sales fall 4 percent in January.

– National Retail Federation on “state of the consumer.”


Hong Kong shows “weak.”


Apple Snore

Highest-end Apple Watch selling for $17,000.

– Why did Apple treat it like a gold-headed stepchild?

– What’s in the Apple Watch iGold? Metallurgists speak out.

– Apple diamonds?

– Apple reportedly talking with Nordstrom.

– Michael Schechter wonders what it means for jewelers.

– Worth-reading piece on the Watch’s pros, cons, and contradictions.

– Does it matter if it’s useful?

– Swatch co-inventor: Switzerland will be killed.

– Slate not so sure.

– The new digital watch?

– Security is an issue.

– Is Vertu the role model?

– Will one in six sold be high-end?

– What analysts are saying.

– Has Apple revived gold’s allure among young buyers?

– Jeweler “blings” the Watch out.



– Swatch aiming for “cheap, easy, Chinese-made” smartwatches.

– Other watchmakers quietly readying own models.

– Much smart jewelry is “stupid.”


Women’s Wear Daily turning into weekly.


Senators reintroduce online sales tax bill.


New diamond industry group forming.

– Avi Krawitz: Industry needs to restore confidence.

– Danielle Max: We have been here before.

– Man-made diamonds “growing threat.”


Moissanite sales, profits fall.

– Conference call transcript.


Forevermark retail sales hit $750 million.


Gemfields streamlining stone sales.


Gold’s long decline.

– Why it could rebound to $1,400.

– Or hit $1,000.

– South African gold production “collapses.”


Inside “dangerous world” of underage gold miners.


“Blood gold” pouring in from Central African Republic.

– Vinod Kuriyan: Let’s not just throw money at problem.


Revisiting the conflict minerals rule.


Zimbabwe hopes to create one big diamond miner.

– Rio Tinto’s Murowa mine nationalized.


Angola wants more miners to look for diamonds.


Number of non-local workers at Canadian mines nearly doubles.


Indian dealers upset about problems with H. Goldie.


Dubai ABN Amro bankers improperly worked with Indian clients.


Jeweler pleads guilty to transporting stolen property.


California jeweler charged with identity theft.


Upstate N.Y. jeweler arrested for stealing diamonds.


Big jewelry robbery on French highway.


Leibish & Co. appoints Sandy Ray exec vp.


Kevin Reilly becomes vice president of PGI USA.


ABN AMRO names Sarfaty new diamond and jewelry head.


Rochester, N.Y., jeweler Irving Mann dies.


Target lays off 1,700 workers.


Lia Sofia’s assets being sold.


Eloquence completes debt refinancing.


Turkey wants more diamond trading.


Antwerp targets Latin America.


Jewelers denied soccer player’s credit card because of scam fears.


Woman accidentally spends $19,000 at auction.


Michelle Graff: We’re at social equality “tipping point.”


Grumpy husband finds gold nugget.


Thief caught after jeweler bites him.


Japanese confectioner develops candies based on famous diamonds.


Media Watch:

– Huffington Post writer tries to sell her diamond ring.

– Martin Rapaport talks diamonds on CNBC.

– Daily Mail talks to De Beers CEO.

– Neil Lane talks Bachelor bling to USA Today.

– Bustle ranks the Bachelor rings.


From the Blog:

What’s in the Apple Watch’s iGold? Metallurgists Speak Out.

Apple Treated Its High-End Watch Like a Gold-headed Stepchild.



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