Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

Among the interesting things you can read this weekend:

– Gassman: U.S. jewelry sales to rise 4% in 2007.

Good traffic in Hong Kong

The latest on the missing $28 million in diamonds in Antwerp. Here’s Chaim’s commentary.

Diamonds also disappear at Amberif.

Former Friedman’s CEO, Bradley Stinn, indicted. I remember him; he was honored by industry charities, and one of my officemates (who will remain nameless) had a crush on him. Doing some research, I found he is a Harvard grad who became head of Friedman’s at the tender age of 33. This is a very good history of what he did to make the company at one time the third largest jeweler in America. U.S. Attorney press release here. Sad.

– Gassman: Online jewelry sales to rise 20%.

This is a very good piece on SoC and box trading.

Antwerp not doing so hot.

A transcript of a portion of the De Beers-Jayam trial – with helpful highlighting on the most embarrassing parts! I should mention that I have my own trial transcript and will hopefully have highlights on this blog on Monday, depending on how much I can get through this weekend. (It’s several hundred pages!)

– For anyone of you “conflict diamond issue” junkies – and I know you are out there — this is an excellent newsletter.

Thought-provoking post on what happens when your supplier starts selling elsewhere.

Lot of “doing good for Africa” talk at CIBJO.

De Beers haggles with Namibia.

– Media Watch: Diamond jewelry prices will creep higher. So says the people at CNN Money.com. Nothing too exciting there.

Charles Wyndham expresses surprise that some industry press releases and speeches don’t add up to much. Charles, I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years. You have no idea.

– And don’t forget to check out these informative, well-written blog posts:

Blood Diamond director Ed Zwick talks to JCK, but doesn’t seem too happy about it
De Beers: They’re heeee—-eeeere!;
Blue Nile shooting for that big big billion
GCAL goes for zero tolerance;
Thinking about Ed Zwick thinking about diamonds.

By the way, I have heard a lot of you don’t like the picture they have of me. Hey, this isn’t Vogue, my friends. Have a good weekend, everybody …

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