Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

I am assuming that anyone at AGS is out on the floor right now, but if you happen to be around reading this, hope you can catch my talk at 3:45 in the way-too-big Denver ballroom … And here is this week’s news round-up …

– Chaim: Hezbollah polishing diamonds?

– Rio Tinto raising prices.

– Will the new “benefication” laws in Africa actually hurt its production? ALSO: Mineweb has a good round-up of the latest benefication stuff.

– The Diamdel Restructuring:
Charles Wyndham says if Diamdel can’t make money, how can sightholders? (Surely he can do better than Dumdel …)
An article in the Israeli press. (No new details here.)

-  It’s Pipeline week! Chaim on the diamond pipeline.   Polishedprices’ take.

– Diamonds.net: Global Diamond Exchange is looking for a possible buyer.

– Well I guess they won’t be making an example out of those guys: Conflict diamond charges basically dropped in Arizona.

– Science Marches On: Yet another claim of new way to manufacture cheap synthetic diamonds.

– Head of African Diamond Producers Association says he was “misquoted” about plans to form “diamond OPEC.” Can you imagine if the diamond industry was controlled by a monopoly? Can’t fathom what that would be like.

– Ken Gassman analyzes jewelry advertising, finds small stores actually spend more on advertising as a percentage than chains.

– Surat not impressed with Blood Diamond movie.

– Dubai lab to “revolutionize diamond grading.” Some details would be nice.

– Tangentially related: QVC may sell less gold jewelry as price gets higher.

The latest on ABN AMRO. The industry’s leading lending institution could be in the hands of a guy called “Fred the Shred.”My thoughts, plus ABN is cautious about industry debt, and claims New York has a whopping $2 billion in bank debt.

Leviev’s company says De Beers’ involvement in South Africa’s “state diamond trader” is like “the cat watching the milk.”

– De Beers store will open in Korea.

– Diamond mining moves to Central Africa. Also, controversy over Zimbabwe’s diamonds.

– Making diamonds in the microwave: A strange video with the world’s greatest disclaimer. (Via diamondtalk)

Amusing post about BaselWorld.

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