Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

First, since I know many trade pressers read this, a bit of inter-trade press gossip: Sayre Priddy, who wrote for Rapaport for a number of years, is now leaving the trade to “go corporate,” she says. She was always an exceptionally nice, upbeat sort, as well as a solid journalist, and it is sad to see her go.

And now, the news …

– Gassman says polished prices are rising and examines the margin squeeze.

– Indian traders still nervous in Antwerp

– India scraps diamond import duty. (Local press commentary here.) Russia puts its duty back on (for nine months.)

– April DTC sight somewhat small.

– Behind the Counter asks: Are jewelers ruining their image? Discussion ensues.

– Leviev buys New York Times building. Someone thinks he’s Mr. New York Real Estate big-shot now.

– De Beers to form sightholder committee. Polishedprices not impressed.

- Chaim gets chistorical – watches the DTC bid goodbye to London.

– Tiffany movin’ on up to the East Side?

– The latest on the totally-not-like-OPEC African Diamond Producers Association. (Related thoughts.)

– Liberian diamond ban is lifted. President so happy, she held a ceremony.

Tache and Gilroy Indian factories join forces.

Branded HPHT stones premiere at Vegas.

– Element Six, a De Beers subsidiary, seems to be developing a division for diamond detectors.

– Debate over Canadian diamond tax and South Africa’s diamond laws.

– “Blood Diamond” screened in Sierra Leone.

– WFDB to celebrate 60th anniversary in Amsterdam. Cutting Remarks will be there!

-Check out the diamond-tini!

Cartel nostalgia.

I won’t be at the World Diamond Council shin-dig in Jerusalem, but if anything exciting happens, feel free to send me an email about it at rbates@reedbusiness.com. If you have something to say, feel free to leave a comment below, and have a good weekend …

JCK News Director