Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


New Jersey cracks
down on gold buyers.

– Will Cash4gold
go retail?


Report: Jewelry spending rising.


Finlay goes after
Russell Cohen.


Wal mart appoints
new U.S. stores chief.


More cadmium jewelry recalled.


KP Meeting Fallout

– Zimbabwe approves plan to export
stones outside Kimberley.

– Or maybe

My thoughts.

– NGOs wanted Zimbabwe
politician as monitor.

– Mining Minister: Groups tried
to “bribe” me.

– NGOs: It wasn’t “bribery.”

– Idex: Was offered

-WDC: Zimbabwe has “no green

– Situation addressed by State
Dept. spokesman.

of opening session.


Zimbabwe court to rule on activist’s

– Police sleeping
at his house
. Lovely.


De Beers/Alrosa deal again blocked
by EU.


Edahn: Lack of U.S. authority encourages smuggling.


Sierra Leone accuses Americans of
smuggling diamonds


Nishit Parikh elected
AWDC president.


Indian groups oppose Direct
Tax Codes.


UAE consumers embrace


Jewelry line stolen because it was left at Burger King.


Florida diamond dealer dies.
In court dispute with Rosy Blue.


Burglars crash
truck into jewelry store.


Leviev sells
Miami penthouse.


Naomi Campbell to testify
on “blood diamond.”


Kayne West wears $300,000 in


Calista Flockhart’s wedding


Media Watch:

– ABC: Zale “flirting
with trouble.”
Zale called
“risky retailer”
thestreet.com. Nothing really new.

– BBC on the Kimberley Process.

– US News says
not to “buy jewelry new.”


From the Blog:

The Kimberley Process On the Edge … Again …

Cash4gold Go Retail?

Goes After Russell Cohen.


Have a great weekend …



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