Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


Gareth Penny resigns as
De Beers CEO.

– First half sales grow

with Financial Times.

– Time “not right” for


De Beers class action settement “may
be reconfigured.”

– JVC: Process could be “lengthy.”


Harry Wintson increases
ownership of Diavik.

– Mine hurt by low-grade


Jericho mine purchased.


Zimbabwe diamond sales approved by Cabinet, but challenged legally.

– Mining Minister: Money’s
not missing.

– Controversey over mining


EU welcomes
KP/Zimbabwe deal.

– Government newspaper blasts State Dept.

– Interview with
arrested (now freed on bail.) NGO.

– More articles on this below in “Media Watch.”


Zale pays Citibank, but also
gets money back.


Russell Cohen prevails
in Carlyle lawsuit.

Jewelers Closing:

Klingers in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Swiped gem sparks
legal battle.

– Another diamond deal ends up in court.


Naomi Campbell to testify on
“blood diamond.”


International Diamond Board … still
not happening.


Anlysts sees rough
prices “weakening.”


More children’s jewelry recalled
for cadmium.


Bidz complete
stock buyback.


Barrons: Tiffany stock
“a bargain.”


Welcome to the jewelry industry …
Nicky Hilton.


$25,000 ring found in Pittsburgh.


Media Watch:

in Guardian
says Zimbabwe diamonds are not “blood” stones.  Another
says that they are. Global Witness chimes

York Post op-ed
on Zimbabwe. I agree the KP seems to be running out of
steam, and isn’t really up to the task of thoroughly reforming the diamond
industry. (Not that was ever really its task …) But I’ve talked to the author
of this piece and he doesn’t have any idea about better ideas to replace it.
Until someone figures that out, this is the best we got. And I think it’s
exaggerating to say the KP gave its “full approval” to Zimbabwe exports. It is,
in fact, very limited approval. 
And the human rights advocates he mentions early in the piece all signed
off on it. Also: pieces in Mail
and Guardian
Star (Canada),
, and CNN
blog covers the Zimbabwe issue, to seeming indifference.



with De Beers’ Dominic Brand.


From the Blog:

Cohen Prevails in Carlyle Lawsuit.

Diamond Board – Still Going Nowhere.

Beers Anti-Trust Settlement Loses Appeal.


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