Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

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And now the news …


Gitanjali restructuring.


Pandora IPO could
reach $1.6 billion.


De Beers, tenders
and the investment market.

– Mark Boston defends
the sight system.

– Gareth Penny is
open to investment vehicles.


Doris Panos gets
approval for reorganization.


Rio Tinto gears
up Indian mine.


Kimberley Process to okay second Marange

– Second tender ends.

– Zimbabwe government newspaper: “Security concerns” stop sale.

– First sale didn’t
upset market.

– Indian cutters excited.

– Antwerp holds suspected Marange
More here.


Zimbabwe court rules on Marange mine ownership.

– Ruling “removes


Work starts on
Zimbabwe technical center

stolen from Namgem.

– Israeli arrested.


Alrosa’s value will surge with IPO.


Interview with Botswana
minister at Rapaport.


Sierra Leone increases
share in miner.


RJC announces first
certified member.


Gemvara goes online
no longer working with jewelry.


Fashion Week begins.


Welcome to the jewelry industry … “The
I like these
Facebook comments.


Rare blue diamond being


196-carat rough found
in Lesotho.


A speech on
hip-hop and jewelry.


Lady Gaga buys
Beyonce diamond whip.


Media Watch:

Financial Times
on the Israeli bourse and technology.

Economic Times:
Indians take over diamond business.

City Star
interviews Harold Tivol.

TV station
on “engagement shopping 101.”


From the Blog:


Beers, Tenders and the Investment Market.




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