Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

Two housekeeping notes: I will be out of the office for most
of next week, attending Hearts on Fire University in Las Vegas. I have never
been to a HOFU, but I have always heard good things about them, so I am very
excited to go, and hope to do a little blogging from there.

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And now the news …


Sterling gets
new CEO.


– Fossil release
on new CEO’s departure.

SEC filing.


Zale lost $94 million in
fiscal year 2010.

– Breeden resigns, Killion now
permanent CEO.

– GLG: “Not
much has changed.”

call transcript.

– Call highlights, and my


Head of De Beers retail chain in the U.S. resigns.


Vicki Gomelsky named
editor-in-chief of JCK.


Pandora IPO covered
on first day.


Gold price keeps

– Analysts think it will stay stable.


Shane reorganization goes
to creditors.


Henry Dunay, designing

– San Francisco Chronicle: His jewelry’s going


Jewelers’ sales slipped
4.5% in 2009
: Report.

– Luxury spending up
in second quarter.


Blue Nile’s diamond
shopping app

– Edahn: Disrupt them.


Gilt Groupe switches


J.C. Penney expands stores in
major markets.


Cadmium bill signed
in California.


Illegal Zimbabwe diamonds seized in


Kimberley Process meeting
at State Dept.


India seeks diamond supply from

– South African president reaches out to
Antwerp traders.


Leadership change at
De Beers South African arm.

– De Beers sells
diamond property.


Miami jeweler admits
fraud charges.


Jacob the Jeweler is
a free man!


Benny Sofer elected
to DDC board.


Never thought I’d see diamonds, Brad and Angelina and
Natalie from the “Facts of Life” in
the same story.


Media Watch:

Science Monitor profiles the Clarity Project
. Who do not seem to be
returning my calls.

New York
profiles Gary Barnett.

These Times
and World
on Zimbabwe diamonds.

Local NBC station profiles GIA.


From the Blog:

Most Important Person In the Jewelry Industry …

Dunay is Designing Again.

Multi- Multi- Multi- Year Turnaround Plan.



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Have a great weekend 

JCK News Director