Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

This week… The Vegas Show got its neon-tinged groove
back.… The Kimberley Process remains in
crisis, which means it must be a weekday.… And we all began the post–trade-show recuperation process. It’s going to take me about a year.… All below.…


What Happened in Vegas

 – My thoughts: “Show
was strong

– Diamond World: “Promising.”

– Rapaport: “Well
attended, good atmosphere

 – Idex: “Swings, but wobbly.”


Can’t Say With Cert-itude

from Rap certification panel.

(Very good discussion in the comments.)


Harry Winston sales up

– CEO: Diamond market “in
a renaissance


RapNet diamond index up.

– Charts on diamond

– U.S. polished diamond imports up.


Nicky Oppenheimer discusses new
De Beers CEO.

– Longtime De Beers exec resigns.

– De Beers considers expansion
of South African mine.

– Oppenheimer address
Council of Foreign Relations.


Latest Zale 10-Q.

– Bank of America downgrades


Bailey Banks & Biddle opening
five stores.


Tiffany wins restraining order against

– Sterling sues over
“Open Hearts.”


Theo Fennell CEO steps


Brinks settles
Belgian litigation.


Diamond smuggling case cracked
in China.


More violence in Zimbabwe
diamond fields?

– South African diamond trader imports
Marange parcel.

– Kimberley Process participants admit

– India increases pressure to end
Marange embargo.

– Outrage over Chinese

– Zim politicians quarrel over
diamond revenue

– State newspaper: Diamond licenses on hold.


27 companies in Mozambique digging for diamonds.


Indian rough sourcing initiative plans

– “Major disappointment” as auction postponed


Indian newspaper: Japanese diamond trade hasn’t
been dampened.


Caps on debit card fees upheld.

– Good primer on the issue from Time.


Survey: Online sales tax would
drive buyers away.

– Texas governor vetoes Internet tax.

– Politico: “Sales tax fairness” gains steam.

– Amazon still


Diamdel opens up in


Michael Hill honored
with knighthood.


Conflict mineral legislation might “stigmatize”
African gold.


Ivanka Trump debuts
ethical jewelry.


Was Newt Gingrich’s jewelry purchase a
plea for forgiveness?


Bulgari store attacked by


Did Las Vegas adult club steal
customer’s diamonds?


Media Watch:

diamond prices.

New York Daily News
on a diamond retailer who now sells on the Internet.

Financial Times
on Antwerp’s CSR initiative.


From the Blog:

Blogging: The Problem With Diamond Certs.

Blogging: Mandalay Hey!


From JCK:

article on HPHT
(includes sidebar on diamond prices.)


Feel free to comment on any of the above in the box below,
and have a great weekend…


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