Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

This week… Could the price of silver double, because of Apple?… Woman steals jewelry from a casket.… Plus, some really bad engagement photos.… All below…


Jewelers’ sales slowed by weekend storms.

– Centurion also sees slowdown in second week.


Why jewelry ads pop up on NFL football.

– Old Kay Jewelers commercial called “classic.”

– New Kay commercial listed “among year’s best.”

– Cincinnati columnist doesn’t like jewelry ads.

– Racy Kmart ads rack up hits—but not necessarily sales.


E-tail may top brick-and-mortar this holiday.

– Retail sales rose in November.

– The end of retail “is overrated.”

– Why discounting won’t go away.


Younger consumers prefer socially conscious retailers.


Blue Nile now selling its products at Nordstrom.

– Interview with Blue Nile CEO.


Forget smartwatches. Here comes the smart ring.

– Smartwatch sales “set to explode.”

– It’s “still early” for smartwatches.

 – My thoughts: Would anyone really wear a smart ring?


Could Apple cause the price of silver to double?


De Beers warns clients to follow rules regarding synthetic diamonds.

– Even-Zohar gives speech.

– GJEPC says it didn’t name and shame dealers.

– Mark Boston asks: “What now?”


Rapaport opening diamond grading lab.


Goldman Sachs bullish on diamonds.

Anglo American doesn’t plan to sell diamond assets.


Indian companies worry about profitability.


Indian jewelers shift to diamonds.


Belgian company sues government over seized diamonds.


Avi Krawitz: Why Antwerp is still relevant.

The Independent wonders if Antwerp is “ready to crumble.”


The Kimberley Process’ “year of living boringly.”


Zimbabwe’s diamonds “depleting.”

– Zim miner fires 950.

– Antwerp hosting first Marange tender.

– Country dissolves state mining boards.


Rio Tinto’s Indian mining project questioned.


Russia to mine diamonds in Sudan.


Dominion Diamonds’ third quarter results.

Earning call transcript.


Albert Robinson: Why do people go to diamond industry meetings?


Jewelers Closing

Dalin Jewelers in Elk Grove, Calif.


David Yurman opens first store in Canada.


Is Sears doomed?


Gurhan launches e-commerce site.


Mark Gurdus appointed president of Bohemme North America.


52 carat D color internally flawless Golconda diamond fetches $10.9 million at Christie’s.

– 61.35 carat emerald gets $4.6 million at Sotheby’s.


Kate Middleton’s diamond tiara being displayed in Paris.

The New York Times on Cartier.


Jezebel doesn’t like “engagement season.”

– Tumblr chronicles bad engagement photos.

– Developer has Pebble watch propose to girlfriend.


Children of late Rolex CEO battle in court.


Career thief Doris Payne ordered to stand trial.


Madoff programmers wanted diamonds as payment.


Woman steals jewelry from casket.


Man sells “cursed diamond” on Craigslist.


Site makes fun of Patek Philippe ad.

– Why are watch ads always set to 10:10?


Media Watch:

– CNBC says that diamonds are being “downgraded by consumers.” And Redeye Chicago calls them “stupid.”

– Blue Nile CEO says diamonds are “always in demand.” And an Irish newspaper and Takis Magazine like them too.  

-The Telegraph tracks a diamond’s journey (video) and has diamond experts sound off.

– The New York Times turns to Laurence Graff.

– Enough Project blog on De Beers and Botswana

– CNBC says mistresses are going to want diamonds.

– Matt Yglesias in Slate still thinks there’s a diamond cartel.


From the Blog:

Would Anyone Really Wear a Smart Ring?

The Kimberley Process’ Year of Living Boringly


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