Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

So, I should have mentioned this is a little while back, but this blog is now seven years old! Here is the very first post, from 2007. Thanks to everyone who reads and participates.

This week: Johnny Depp gets a man-gagement ring. The e-cigarette necklace. Jewel thieves on 60 Minutes. All below.


Alex and Ani CEO speaks to JCK.


Tiffany to open three U.S. stores, takes hit from Swatch.

– Longtime Tiffany executive James Fernandez to retire.

– Earning call transcript.


Fossil to introduce Google-powered smartwatch this year.

– Fossil investors express relief.

– Pebble watch on track to double revenue this year.

– My JCK feature on smartwatches.


Jacob the jeweler back in charge of Jacob and Co.


Designer L’Wren Scott commits suicide.

– Reports say business was in trouble.

– Spokeswoman denies.

– Designer Wendy Brandes has some thoughts.


60 Minutes to profile Pink Panther jewel thieves.


De Beers announces five new sightholders.

My thoughts.


WFDB president says synthetics “not a threat.”

– Rap: Synthetics are 100 percent detectable.


Why industry leaders shouldn’t brag about Zimbabwe.

– Zim diamond revenues funneled offshore.

– Diamond bosses face perjury rap.

– Country now leading diamond seller to Antwerp.

– New novel on Zimbabwe blood diamonds.


Ben Janowski sees “the end of growth.”


Will Russian sanctions affect diamond industry?


De Beers’ Canadian mine delayed.


Latin America gets first diamond bourse.


Diamond certification gains ground in India.


Diamond smuggling attempt halted in Israel.


Controversy over new ivory regulations.


Second class action claims gold price conspiracy.


Sales of silver strong last year.


Sterling Jewelers announces promotions in real estate divison.

– Signet appoints treasurer.


Sears to spin off Land’s End division.


GIA designated one of the world’s most ethical companies.


Austin artist into conflict-free gems.


$33 million Fabergé egg found in flea market.


The mystery behind the $300,000 in gems found on a mountain.


Pope’s jewelry going up for sale (again).


The e-cigarette necklace.


The latest trend: teeth jewelry.


Johnny Depp gets a man-gagement ring.


From the blog:

Why Industry Leaders Shouldn’t Brag About Zimbabwe Diamonds

The Five New Sightholders—and De Beers’ Game of Musical Chairs


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