Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup

This week: Mother’s Day may be good for jewelers. A gold-based cryptocurrency. Why Target needs help. All below.  


Rise in Mother’s Day jewelry sales predicted.


News station slams jeweler for using EGL Int’l reports.

My thoughts.

– Makes the entire industry look bad.


Upstate N.Y. jeweler pleads guilty to defrauding 89 victims.


Florida jeweler arrested for allegedly distributing synthetic drugs.


Queens, N.Y.,  jeweler accused of swapping diamond.


Virginia jeweler killed in robbery.

– Trio arrested.


De Beers plans to raise prices 5 percent a year.

– An “aggressive” target.

– Barclays sees diamond demand recovering.

– Diamond pipeline “lackluster.”


The debate over grading old cut diamonds.


Gold may fall to $1,100, forecast says.


New plans for a gold-based cryptocurrency.


U.S. court hold hearing on gold price collusion.


Swatch takes legal aim at Apple trademark.

– Why shouldn’t jewelers sell iWatch?

– Roundup of Apple watch rumors.

– Most smartwatches don’t work.

– Microsoft has been planning one for two years.


Sotheby’s ends public feud with largest shareholder.


Head of Target resigns following credit card breach.

– Expected to look for outside CEO.

– Headquarters “needs help,” employee says.

– Could doom international expansion.


Online might be taking over retail. But not necessarily jewelry.

– Retailer sending customers 3-D printed rings.


Business groups seek to delay conflict minerals reports.


Zimbabwe says Dubai exchange fails test.

– But will sell through it anyway.

– Antwerp says it achieved better prices.

– Was dumping Antwerp a costly blunder?


Rapaport opens HRD take-in windows.


Cartier sues winemaker over logo.


Nearly 1,000 ounces of gold rescued from sunken ship.


Bribery suspects use diamonds and rubies for bail.


Buffett helps man propose in fourth stint as Borsheims salesperson.


Okla. jeweler doing hidden package Mother’s Day promotion.


Birks to help honey bees.


Berg, Hucker, Schechter receive AGS honors.


Blogger is skeptical George Clooney really designed ring.


Kate Middleton’s ring increased 10-fold in value.


David Beckham’s man-gagement ring.


Engagement ring selfie craze leads to hand injections.

– HuffPo discusses.


Media Watch:  

Buzzfeed says diamond engagement rings, two-month-salary guideline “started as marketing ploy.”


From the Blog:

Online Might Be Taking Over Retail. But Not Jewelry (for Now)

Different Grading Lab Standards: Jewelers Strike Back

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