Diamond Shavings: Your (Early for the Holiday) Web Roundup

This week: The coming luxury-jewelry boom. Dog coughs up diamond ring after five years. Illegal gem mining at a cemetery. All below.


Most of Zale leadership resigns in Signet shake-up.


Luxury jewelry will boom soon, MasterCard Advisors says.


Diamond grower Scio interim execs resign shortly after appointment.

Minneapolis Star Tribune looks at former company chairman.


Gemesis changes name, introduces pinks.


Synthetics and simulants: What you need to know.

– Site lab-diamonds.com now actually offers lab diamonds. Amazing.

India may increase duty on synthetic diamonds.


Indian banks remain wary of jewelry sector.

Swiss money trail leads to gold and diamonds.


Dubai feels the heat.

– WDC reiterates warning about CAR diamonds.


Once again, 25 percent of diamonds are not blood diamonds.


Diamond production starts to go in reverse.


De Beers to introduce new type of client, Accredited Buyer.


Panama now top diamond market in Latin America.


Alrosa plans Russia’s largest diamond mine.


Angola to boost diamond production.


Workers laid off in Marange diamond mines.


Mbada Diamonds fires top executive.


Argyle bans booze at its mine.


Michael Bungert joins Uneek.


AWDC reelects Stéphane Fischler as president.


Tennessee jeweler sues competitor for defamation.


Pebble mine tries to halt EPA action.

– BJ’s signs anti-mine pledge.


No evidence of price rigging at gold fix.


Two miners quit World Gold Council.


New device grades fancy colored diamonds.


Wearable tech Ringly scores $100,000 in sales.


Social commerce jewelry brand raises $15 million in financing.


Does anyone care about smartwatches?

– Mixed predictions for consumer appeal.

– Google now has the edge.


Charles & Colvard closes credit facility.


Well-regarded Melbourne, Australia, jewelry business collapses.


U.K. committee to push supply-chain transparency.


What India expects from government budget.

– Reserve Bank of India to swap gold.


Gold “Devil’s Ear” unearthed in Russia.



Illegal diamond mining…at a cemetery.


Jewelry helps mothers memorialize lost children.


Khloe Kardashian gets diamond ring.


Tobey Maguire’s wife designed Courtney Cox’s engagement ring.


Head of Dubai commodities center publicly supports LA Laker.


Dog coughs up diamond wedding ring.


$6,000 engagement ring accidentally given to Goodwill.


The world’s most expensive dentures.


New line of perfumed jewelry.


Media Watch:

Wall Street Journal on engagement rings breaking with tradition.

Blood diamonds come up in USA Today editorial about Hobby Lobby.

Reuters columnist warns selling silver might not make you rich.

Miss Manners tackles the problem of a jeweler offended by scorn for rings.

The Business of Fashion on ethical jewelry.


From the blog:

Dubai Under Fire

Once Again, 25 Percent of all Diamonds Are Not Blood Diamonds


From JCK:

Everything You Need to Know About Synthetic and Simulant Diamonds

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