Designers from the Developing World Featured at JCK Las Vegas

The Naledi Jewelry Collection, a fine diamond jewelry brand based in the United States and managed by the IGC Brand Services Group, will introduce two new contributing designers from the developing world to US jewelers at the JCK Las Vegas Show.

“It is our belief that the American consumer is today, culturally more diverse and better educated than a generation ago,” said Chris LaTrobe managing partner of the brand. “They are also better traveled and often return impressed and hungry for more of the variety and creativity they have seen on their travels. By tapping into the exciting design talent in developing countries we are simply listening to our customers” 

“We have a simple but strict selection criteria,” he added. “We are looking for jewelry that is visually different from anything else already on the market and it must be saleable. A compelling story is a big plus. Of course this is not easy, add communication problems and quite a bit of travel and you start to get an idea as to what is involved. When you do finally find what you are looking for, it is so gratifying. For the designers it represents a terrific opportunity. We commission a collection and then fully fund its manufacture, marketing and distribution and then introduce them to the most sophisticated jewelry consumer in the world.”    

The Naledi Love Letter Collection by Daniel Jacobs, of Stellenbosch, South Africa and The Circle Of Life Collection by Linki Van Zyl of Pretoria, South Africa can be seen at the IGC Brand Services Group – Booth #4059 at JCK Las Vegas. 

The Naledi brand is managed by the IGC Group, a DTC Sightholder with a global manufacturing and sales presence. The diamonds used in The Naledi Collection are mined in Botswana and manufactured at their Gaberone, Botswana diamond-cutting factory. The group has a diamond cutting history going back to 1912 and is in the midst of an ambitious program to train a new generation of Botswana diamond cutters. The Naledi Jewelry Collection donates a portion of each sale to Global Giving projects in Africa. To learn more about this program, the jewelry and its award winning designers please visit

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