Designer to Watch: Alexandra Alberta Yeo

Designer to Watch Alexandra Alberta

There are people who exude effortless cool, and Alexandra Alberta Yeo is indeed one of Alexandra Alberta custom-designed kunzite ringthem. After cutting her teeth as an intern in the fashion industry with uber-cool brands like Lanvin, Rag & Bone, and Opening Ceremony—spanning both coasts in NYC and L.A.—the budding designer found herself drawn to the decadence and color of jewelry. After deciding to pursue that interest, Alexandra headed to the Gemological Institute of America in New York.

It was there, while studying for her GIA finals, that the husband of Alexandra’s best friend commissioned a ring for his bride-to-be. It was the designer’s first piece, composed of kunzite spodumene with diamonds and pink tourmalines (pictured left). It won’t surprise you to learn that after working with a flurry of creative people—and possessing quite the talent herself—Alexandra launched her namesake line, devoting her independent spirit to an entrepreneurial adventure.


On her inspirations…

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“Creating something that I perceive as beautiful combined with the aim of understanding of what an individual desires—what is going to make them feel and look ever more gorgeous and powerful—pushes me to find this balance and create something perfect and personal for them.”

You can see Alexandra’s bi-coastal (bi-continental, really) influences in the pieces she designs for each collection. Botanic is inspired by the parks, canyons, and gardens of California; Metropolis has a distinctly urban feel, with architectural detail and some pieces bearing a strong resemblance to the Chrysler Building; Bohemia is spiritual in nature, inspired by travel around the world. And that’s just a few examples. These pieces have a collectible essence about them—once you obtain one, you can’t wait to see (and get your hands on) what’s next.

On the customer she designs for…

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As a certified gemologist, Alexandra has a love for special and rare gemstones, many of which you’ll find in her designs. Those looking for something a little out of the ordinary will be drawn to her standout pieces that still manage to be on the wallet-friendly side. Those who seek a design from Alexandra certainly can’t be afraid of color, as you’ll find bright elements in nearly every piece.

On her favorite pieces…

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“My favorite pieces are the Monument, with natural lavender jade and black diamonds; the Sapphire Bouquet, a star sapphire with pink sapphires; and the Star Ruby Panther. The Aphrodite ring that I’ve designed, using blue chalcedony, has such a dreamy and soothing quality to it.”

Now, if I were a jewelry designer, it’s safe to say many of the pieces would be designed for yours truly (maybe I Alexandra Alberta signature A.A. bangle braceletwouldn’t be a very successful designer financially, keeping all the jewels for myself!). So I had to know the pieces that Alexandra designed—or kept—for herself. The first, a beautifully colored pendant, is pictured at the top of this page. “I wear this special lavender jade pendant, with an amethyst and rock crystal. It’s been my favorite piece for a while. Lavender jade is one of my favorite gemstones, and highly collectible, so I kept it for myself. A natural stone of this size does not come by often,” she says. “I have also recently designed a gold and diamond bracelet as a treat for myself on my birthday last year, that’s comfortable and easy for me to wear every day. It’s simple yet luxurious, and its initials read A.A., for Alexandra Alberta.” How A.A.—absolutely amazing.

See more from Alexandra Alberta on JCK Marketplace, and stay tuned for my live Twitter chat with the designer; details below.

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