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Spoiler alert: I’m not a jewelry designer. Sometimes I wonder, given the vast amount of jewels I have the pleasure of observing on the daily, if I could ever create something of my own. I think in theory I could, crafting something in my head, maybe, but in terms of making that idea a reality, a couple of very important things would need to happen. First, I’d have to be able to take that idea from my brain to the real world, and I cannot draw worth anything—my mind and hands do not work together in that way. Second, I’d probably need a little important thing called bench training. Yeah, ask any hardworking, creative jewelry designer, and they’ll tell you all about it.

So I won’t be the next designer to make it big, though I’m perfectly satisfied championing those that do, and I live to meet new designers kicking creative butt and making it look easy—I salute you.

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But let’s just pretend, for a moment, that I’m in the market for some inspiration for that next new creation (I just love make-believe, don’t you?). I might turn to Instagram to find it.

True, the social platform can be a source of envy, inducing travel-related FOMO, and inspiring us to buy things we don’t need (my bank account should have a “did it for the ‘gram” category). But it’s also a brilliant tool to unleash your creativity, so long as you follow the accounts that serve to inspire you, rather than make you feel like you need to book a plane ticket to Santorini ASAP.

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I write this on a Friday morning, with the sun streaming in through the windows, my feet in fuzzy socks because the floors are feeling cold from the weather outside. It’s cozy and pretty and it’s got me feeling better than I have all week. If I were to create something beautiful, I think this would be just the mood to do it in. And though nothing tangible has any hope of coming from this, I’m still enjoying sourcing images like these on Instagram, inspiring me, if not to create something, at least to appreciate that there’s beauty in everything.

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Four large islands are hard to miss in satellite imagery of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago in the Russian high Arctic. Spanning 37,000 square kilometers, (about the same area as the U.S. state of Indiana), about half of this archipelago is covered in ice. Despite its size and proximity to the Siberian mainland, the archipelago went unnoticed and unmapped until its discovery by an ocean expedition in 1913. You won’t find any trees growing here. This is Arctic tundra, and cold, dry conditions prevail throughout the year. The average daily temperature in August, when this image was acquired, is 0 degrees C (32°F). Such conditions are quite favorable for year-round ice, which covers about half of the archipelago. This image shows part of the island group on August 9, 2018, as observed by Landsat 8. In this view, you see ice caps dotting the surface and thin, broken sea ice choking the water in the straits. Some of the edges of the ice caps rest on land and others stretch over seawater. Ice loss occurs from surface melting and from the shedding of icebergs. Image credit: NASA/USGS/Landsat #nasa #ice #arctic #icecap #frigid #tundra #glaciers #picoftheday #space #polar #science #frozen #ice #permafrost #polarice #seaice #icebergs #iceberg

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Today is a day that needs flowers

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Perhaps, if you are a designer, your hands working with your brain to realize beautiful, tangible things, you might find something you like here. Can’t you just imagine any one of these images being the source of your next epic collection?

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