Debuting at JCK LUXURY: Yael’s Novelique Bridal Collection

When I started this incredible journey with JCK, Yael Designs was one of the very first companies that caught my eye. And then I met the team, designer and CEO Yehouda Saketkhou, and got a glimpse of his unreal designs in person, my obsession was solidified. At the time I was blown away by his use of morganite, pearl, and tanzanite, just to name a few. Last year at JCK Las Vegas I met and fell in love with a new collection of emerald designs:

This year won’t be any different. Well, it will be, but I don’t plan on being any less impressed. Because this year, Yael Designs has something just a bit different in store for us: a bridal collection.

 Yael Novelique bridal collection 2014


Inspired by a romantic journey through Turkey, the new one-of-a-kind collection was created in collaboration with artisanal jewelry designer Chrstine Huber, who, with more than 15 years of industry experience, finds creative inspiration through travel and crafts her designs in New York. “While exploring Turkey’s ancient palaces, I was inspired by everyday objects like ceramics, furniture, even ceilings and walls that were decorated with incredibly ornate motifs,” said Huber. “I wanted to bring the same kind of luxurious attention to every day beauty to the Novelique engagement rings that women will wear every day of their lives.”


 Yael Novelique bridal collection 2014


You’ll find intricate motifs and handcrafted engravings throughout the collection, a nod to the architecture, tilework, mosaics, and carpets that beckon the senses upon one’s journey through Turkey. You’ll also see the use of conflict-free diamonds and recycled 18k gold. “After years of seeing halo and simple modern designs flood the engagmeent ring market, we’re very excited to debut a bridal collection with a brand-new aesthetic at JCK LUXURY,” says CEO Yehouda Saketkhou. “I think customers will love this unique collection that combines hand-engraved, artisanal aesthetic with modern comfort and high quality.”


Yael Novelique bridal collection 2014


The team was kind enough to send me some images of the finished product, but I thought, isn’t it just so enticing to see the collection this way, as it began? As for the results, well, you’ll just have to wait and see them in Vegas. Oh, all right, but just one.

Yael Novelique bridal collection 2014

Prices for the Novelique bridal collection begin at $3,600 MSRP, and will be available online and in select stores. Don’t miss your chance to see its debut at JCK LUXURY in Las Vegas, booth LUX401, May 27–June 2.

Until then, see what else Yael Designs has in store on JCK Marketplace.

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