De Beers Says ‘S’ Stands for Sightholder

Courtesy De Beers

Want to find a sightholder? Look for the S.  

De Beers has unveiled a new logo for clients to signify they are part of the company club.

The new sightholder logo is built around an S in a circle, with a diamond-like icon in the middle, over the word sightholder in large letters, and “of the De Beers Group of Companies” in smaller letters. (The old identifier, “Family of Companies,” has been scrapped, as has the phrase “Diamond Trading Company,” or DTC.)

The new logo “represents the prestige and status of being a sightholder of the whole Group of Companies, as opposed to just the sales division, as in the old DTC days,” says spokesperson Lynette Gould. “The S in the logo represents the journey of a diamond, with sightholders being at the center of our business and at the center of that journey.”


JCK News Director