De Beers’ New Review Looking at Retail Chain, Forevermark

The ongoing De Beers strategic review is now focusing on its downstream activities, including the De Beers Diamond Jewellers retail chain and the Forevermark, sources tell JCK. 

The review is said to be under the guidance of executive head of strategy and corporate affairs Bruce Cleaver.

You may remember that De Beers’ prior review of its midstream and upstream activities led to the jettisoning of the name “DTC,” with the company vowing to become more customer-focused. It also yielded a new policy of “producing in line with demand.”

When asked to comment, De Beers said, “All companies undertake strategic reviews all the time, there is nothing different about De Beers.”

Wherever the review leads, De Beers executives have repeatedly stressed the importance of Forevermark to the company’s long-term future. 

JCK News Director