David Yurman’s Holiday Windows Inspired by Memorable First Date

It doesn’t get much more magical-feeling than the winter wonderland currently occupying the windows of David Yurman’s SoHo store in NYC.

The all-white display features the incredible work of renowned paper artist Calvin Nicholls, who crafted sculptures of adorable woodland creatures—snowy owls, hibernating bears, rabbits, and wolves—through the meticulous process of layering sheets of white paper.

Julie Wilkinson from NYC’s Makerie Studio designed and handcrafted every element (excluding the animal sculptures) in the dioramas, conjuring a magical, snowy environment for Nicholl’s paper creatures.


David Yurman tells JCK that the icy windows were inspired by the first date he and wife Sybil (chief brand officer for David Yurman) went on. The couple found themselves “in a rare and magical ice storm,” he explains, adding that the windows are “an expression of that enchanted moment.”

On that first date, the Yurmans drove north from New York City to Bear Mountain State Park in upstate New York. When they arrived, “the park was covered in ice,” says Yurman. “Every tree, every branch, and every twig.”

(Photos from top: An owl sculpture from Calvin Nicholls; scenes from David Yurman’s SoHo window; all photos courtesy of David Yurman)

JCK Magazine Editor