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“Call Me By My Name,” Says Cufflinks Designer David Gotlib


When third-generation diamantaire David Gotlib set out to create a line of luxury cufflinks a few years ago, all the elements were in place: access to the finest quality diamonds and colored gemstones; a vision of the time-honored men’s accessory that was youthful, modern, and sophisticated; and a team of artisans in his Antwerp, Belgium–based atelier to bring the jewels to life.

He even had a clever, catchy name for the collection: Oh My Got. But while the cufflinks initially got some attention, the feedback he received from some trusted clients, advisers, and retailers was that the line’s name was not suited to the stature of his product. There was a dissonance that had to be resolved. So he pivoted to recast his brand as an eponymous one, hoping that clients would appreciate and understand his product through the lens of aesthetics and craftsmanship—and the person responsible for it.

“It took me almost two years to make all the changes,” says Gotlib, who also serves as president of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse. “I see now that the change was necessary and well-received, as most new clients want to understand why I do cufflinks, which styles I personally wear, what suggestions can I give when they buy their first pair.… It is a totally different approach once you decide to be the image of your product instead of just putting out for sale some product under an anonymous name.”

Now that Gotlib has put himself at the forefront of the brand, he has evolved his cufflinks range to include everything from the cheeky and whimsical to the unrelentingly refined. A profusion of bright white diamonds and gemstones elevate some of the styles to a princely level.

But when he sits back and looks at where things stand now, which design is Gotlib’s personal favorite?

“The truth is that I have a special connection to the Gold Rush model,” he says (the cufflinks are pictured below). “When I started that collection, it was for me a ‘back to basics’ moment—gold and diamonds in their pure form. I started playing with the gold like you would do with wood and arrived at this texture of ‘rough’ gold, if I can call it that. This piece symbolizes for me the majority of men. They might have a rough side, but they are mostly made of gold and diamonds.”

Takes one to know one, I suppose.

David Gotlib gold rush cufflinks
Gold Rush cufflinks in 18k gold with round brilliant diamonds, $3,500 

Currently David Gotlib cufflinks are represented at a number of jewelry stores and boutiques stateside and across the pond (including one at the famed Hôtel de Crillon in Paris). And a pro tip from moi: If you’re staying at the Palazzo during JCK Las Vegas, you can check out the line there at Venetzia Fine Jewelry.

Here are some of Gotlib’s newest designs in the meantime.

David Gotlib tennis racket cufflinks
Rackets cufflinks in 18k gold with white and fancy yellow round brilliant diamonds, $5,000
David Gotlib golden stripes cufflinks
Golden Stripes cufflinks in 18k yellow gold with round brilliant diamonds, $6,000
David Gotlib Madison cufflinks
Madison cufflinks in 18k gold with white and brown round brilliant diamonds, $12,000
David Gotlib cufflinks on cuffs
From left: Driver’s Seat cufflinks in 18k white gold with round brilliant diamonds and sapphires, $6,000; Red Moon cufflinks in 18k white gold with silex stones and round brilliant diamonds, $4,000
David Gotlib Adam and Eve cufflinks
Adam & Eve cufflinks in 18k white gold with white and black round brilliant diamonds and rubies, $30,000

Top: Vipers cufflinks in 18k white gold with round brilliant diamonds and sapphires, $9,000; David Gotlib

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Amy Elliott

By: Amy Elliott

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