Daria de Koning’s Jewelry Notecards Are a Brilliant Idea

Daria de Koning isn’t the first person to make notecards imprinted with images of her jewelry—Lagos does, too, among others—but it’s a clever marketing idea she adopted that others should as well.

“I was at a Verdura party about seven years ago and they had notecards featuring their jewelry in the goody bags,” says the Los Angeles–based jewelry designer. But that wasn’t de Koning’s first brush with jewelry cards; her mom used to buy them for her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art after special jewelry exhibitions. “Anything jewelry-related was always right up my alley,” she recalls.

So it’s not too surprising that she ultimately teamed up with a friend, painter and illustrator Happy Menocal, over the last two years to make her own. Available in packs of six with envelopes for $20, each card features a colored illustration of some of de Koning’s cabochon- and cluster-intense jewels.

“It was a great idea for us as a promotion. It was more word-of-mouth for me, and it was my attempt at marketing,” she says.

The designer takes them to retail shows for sale and uses them for all of her own notes, of course, as well as for giveaways at parties and for clients. Asked if any of her retailers sell the cards with her jewelry, de Koning says no—“though they should if they sell other stuff like home goods,” she adds, “because it’s an easy purchase as a small gift.”

Daria de Konig's jewelry notecards are illustrated by Happy Menocal and are for sale for $20 for six

Daria de Koning’s jewelry notecards are illustrated by Happy Menocal and are for sale for $20 for a set of six with envelopes.

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