The Damian Horn Collection By Diaboli Kill

Items of protection are a precious category in jewelry no matter the time—they’ve been strong for centuries. But talismans have a new hold on 2020, either for purposes of protection, strength, or personal meaning. Add to this the impending arrival of Halloween, and one might want to double up.

The Damian Horn collection by Diaboli Kill, a brand from designer Angie Marei, is a departure from the typical talismans we’ve been seeing, and though we love every evil eye and horseshoe out there, it’s a welcome one.

Inspired by the amulets and talismans worn by ancient Egyptians, Damian Horn takes the shape of the cornicello (Italian for little horn), to ward off evil and danger. For Marei, being of Dominican and Egyptian descent, there’s a personal connection to these pieces.

Diaboli Kill Damian Brevis horn ring
Damian Brevis horn ring in rose gold–plated sterling silver, $450

“The world as we know it is going through a huge shift, and it’s a very emotional time for a lot of people, full of uncertainty and negativity,” says Marei. “We have to do our best to take care of ourselves mentally with self-care as well as protect our spirit and energy from being drained or negatively impacted by outside forces. Just as you may burn a stick of palo santo wood to purify the energy in the room, or just as you may toss a pinch of salt behind your shoulder to ‘keep away the devil,’ you should also wear powerful jewelry for protection. It’s not only beautiful to wear, but it’s a meaningful piece that you can keep close that offers a sense of balance and empowerment, which we all can use more of during these historical times!”

There’s no need to be eloquent about this aesthetic: It’s badass. But it works an angle that we crave this time of year, too. The horn has that All Hallows’ Eve allure—a dark, dangerous vibe that draws us in as we let ourselves believe in all the tricks Halloween has to offer.

The line is plentiful with rings in varying sizes; a design featuring a duo of horns, one to hug each side of the finger, is made in onyx and set against contrasting yellow gold–plated sterling silver, black gold, sterling, or in 18k white gold (note that most pieces are available in either gold or vermeil, giving a range of price options too). There are mini versions of the design—an easier, more everyday piece to wear always, though no less statement making than its bigger counterpart.

Diaboli Kill Damian horn earrings
Damian horn small hoop earrings in 14k yellow gold, $400


Diaboli Kill Damian horn earrings
Damian horn dagger earrings in 18k white gold, $2,200

I’m partial to the small hoop earrings (a larger size is also available), dangling horns of silver or gold, but other styles, such as the 1-inch-long dagger-style studs are also pretty remarkable. I like that they would do well in a group of smaller earrings, so the wearer can embrace its protective powers while playing a little mix-and-match.

Diaboli Kill Damian Horn cufflinks
Damian horn cufflinks in black rhodium–plated sterling silver, $400

Made for the men—though appealing to all genders—are the Damian horn cufflinks (above), a powerful addition to a dress shirt (whenever we all start to get dressed again, that is).

Pieces are made-to-order, though some are available for immediate shipping on Diaboli Kill’s website.

Top: Mini Damian horn ring in 18k yellow gold with onyx, $3,250; Diaboli Kill

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