Dalumi Enters India, Russia; Expands in U.S.

The Dalumi Group is expanding its distribution to the Indian and Russian markets, which has been showing healthy growth. In addition, the diamond company opened a new office in Los Angeles.

Dalumi said in a statement that it will support its entry into the two new markets with polished diamonds and jewelry products that will be supported by advertising campaigns and marketing programs.

“India represents an interesting market for the Dalumi Group as a diamond manufacturer with a broad range of products,” said says Yuval Kemp, Dalumi director of Marketing & Business Development. “Together with China and Turkey, India has shown double-digit growth in recent years. The middle class is growing in size and wealth and are now able to afford the purchase of diamond jewelry on a more regular basis.” 

The Indian market is known to look for a higher level of clarity but a lower level of color, Kemp said.

“We are planning to invest in the Indian diamond market through a variety of shows and events useful to meet potential clients. Our goal is to become a leading supplier of “warm whites” and “yellow shade” diamonds to the Indian market, as we are all over the world,” Kemp said.

Dalumi is expanding its marketing efforts through a selected number of distributors and retailers in Russia.

“Russia is a growing market for luxury items in general and jewelry products in particular. Dalumi is developing a number of collections especially for the Russian market based on successful testing in the region” Kemp said.

In 2007 the company increased supply to the U.S. thanks to a significant growth in suitable rough supply from Canada and other sources.

“We will expand our business in the American market especially in the west coast, Kemp said. “Dalumi now has the infrastructure and resources to meet the growing challenges of the American market both in the east and west coast.”