How One Diamond Dealer Made a D Flawless Live Forever

Finding a beautiful GIA-certified D-flawless diamond—and selling it to a client—is a rare accomplishment worthy of celebration for any jeweler, even if he or she is a professional with decades of experience to their credit.

But for Denver-based private jeweler Kaeleigh Testwuide, founder and owner of the Diamond Reserve who launched her jewelry business just five years ago, the moment was a riveting career milestone.

“This was one of my greatest professional achievements to date,” says Testwuide. “Some jewelers go their whole careers never selling the perfect diamond. Closing this sale was truly a memorable moment in my life.”

And thus, she wanted to commemorate the moment in a lasting, meaningful way. The answer: commissioning a painting of the diamond from acclaimed artist Angie Crabtree, whose work has been covered on this blog, and who regularly participates in live-painting activations at JCK shows. (And did you her see her pop-up salon on the 2020 AGTA show floor in Tucson? It was delightful.)

“I have loved Angie Crabtree’s work for years, and to have an original work of hers was a dream come true, especially in that the diamond I commissioned her paint was so dear to my heart,” says Testwuide.

Angie Crabtree Diamond Reserve diamond painting
Work in progress: Angie Crabtree paints a very special D-flawless diamond acquired by Kaeleigh Testwuide of the Diamond Reserve.

To source the stone, Testwuide worked with a local vendor.

“When the client first came in they expressed they wanted something rare and that oval was the first-choice shape.” After looking at several very high-quality stones, Testwuide and her client together set the goal of finding something that was “perfect” by diamond-grading standards.

“Off we were to find them the perfect diamond,” says Testwuide. “It requires a lot of fancy footwork. At the time, based on what the client wanted, this diamond was the only one available in the world. We looked in Israel, Hong Kong, India, the list goes on and on.

“The D-flawless criteria wasn’t enough on its own because we wanted a certain shape, carat weight, and dimensions. This is why natural diamonds hold value. When you start getting into real specifics, they become even more rare and valuable.”

Angie Crabtree pear shape diamond painting
A shot of the finished painting before it left Angie Crabtree’s studio; Testwuide plans to display it in her home.

As for the commemorative painting of this landmark diamond sale, it’s not yet on display.

“I am currently redesigning my entryway,” says Testwuide. “It will be hung there, the first thing my guests see when the arrive at my home. Very fitting. The entryway is being designed around the painting, and lighting is being installed to illuminate it properly.”

While the light from the actual diamond will radiate daily, from its perch on one very happy bride’s finger.


Top:  Kaeleigh Testwuide of the Diamond Reserve made this engagement ring with its 2.5 ct. D-flawless oval diamond for “an amazing couple, [in which] the woman had a taste for quality versus size, something we don’t always see. She wanted something rare, and my client got her exactly that,” she says. “It was an incredibly fun project to work on.”

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