Cut and Color Most Important to Today’s Bride

A close-up look at the average high-end bride’s education and background.

Cut and Color

Cut was the “C” that brides were most concerned with: 81 percent of high-end brides called cut an important factor in their ring purchase, as did 63 percent of non-high-end brides.

Intriguingly, color was the second biggest factor, with 76 percent and 61 percent rating it as influential, respectively.

Knowing the 4Cs

58 percent of luxury brides said they felt knowledgeable about the 4Cs versus 41 percent of budget brides.

The luxury segment was more likely to feel knowledgeable about gem and jewelry topics overall, including metal options, conflict-free stones, synthetics and simulants, GIA grades, and fancy color diamonds.

Name Brand

8 percent of high-end brides thought it was important to have a designer engagement ring. It mattered even less to the non-high-end brides; just 3 percent were concerned with a designer name.

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