Customer Watch: Yellow Gold as a Summertime Treat—Jewelry Advice from a Makeup Artist

Although it’s only July, the fashion and celebrity magazines’ August issues have been out for some time already and the big fall fashion issues will be crowding mailboxes very soon. Although each year I can’t wait until the fall fashion issues to arrive, with all the wonderful newness that I’ve long associated with the back-to-school season, summertime too deserves to be celebrated and savored. With that in mind, the August 2009 issue of InStyle magazine presents a feature called “10 Ways to Extend Your Summer: Keep on glowing long after you’ve put away your beach towel and bikini.”


The tenth “way” or tip illustrated in the article is provided in the form of an illustrated quotation from the highly respected celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown.


“Pile on the Gold” urges InStyle: “According to makeup artist Bobbi Brown, a stack of yellow gold bangles, layered necklaces or hoops will ‘bring out the golden tones in your complexion and make skin glow.’”



For someone with naturally golden skin or someone with a genuine or faux tan, this statement is true. Golden jewelry will beautifully bring out the golden tones of the skin. However, for someone with cool-toned skin (with pink or blue rather than peach or yellow undertones), yellow gold or yellow-gold-colored jewelry can wash out the complexion and make the color of the skin look “off,” even ashy. The result: the wearer can look older and have less of a healthy glow. White metals are much more attractive against that person’s skin, however light or dark the person’s natural skin color.  


A makeup artist can adjust one’s makeup to alter one’s visible skin color, which can make virtually any color metal work, but the effect lasts only as long as the makeup is on. Once the makeup is removed or the self-tanner fades, all bets are off.

InStyle illustrates the tip with a set of five bangles by Azaara that are gold-plated, not gold, although the makeup artist’s tip itself specifies yellow gold jewelry. Gold-plated and anything gold-colored follows the same rules as genuine yellow gold when it comes to adorning an individual: look to the colors of the individual’s skin, hair and eyes to determine whether white metals or golden tones will be most flattering to him or her.


When a person’s skin is bronzed from the sun or self-tanner, and takes on a more golden cast, even someone with normally pink skin may have the opportunity to enjoy wearing yellow gold. For her or him, wearing yellow gold might truly be a special summertime treat to be savored until the signs of summer fade.

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