Customer Watch: Why Every Stylish Woman Needs a Jeweler

I’m back from the JCK Show in Las Vegas, once again inspired beyond all imagining from my experience of the exquisite jewelry designs from all over the world.


I had the privilege of speaking at this year’s event on the subject of “Selling to the Stylish Customer” with my Jewelry Savvy book co-author Caroline Stanley. We drew upon the image consulting tips I contributed to the book to discuss how a jeweler might recognize various personality styles and utilize them to help a customer not only to select specific items of jewelry for purchase, but also, and more important, to develop a good working jewelry wardrobe.


A jeweler can and should be much more than a resource for beautiful items of adornment. By getting to know the customer’s personality style, the design elements of her face and features, and the contents of her existing jewelry wardrobe, the jeweler can be helpful to the customer in advising her and demonstrating how to take her jewelry to the next level of style and sophistication.


In this regard, one of the functions the jeweler plays is akin to that of a tailor. Every stylish woman needs a tailor to make small adjustments in her garments so that they work together and suit her perfectly. These adjustments may be as minor as raising a hem, replacing buttons or tapering sleeves, or as major as remaking a neckline or removing sleeves entirely.


Similarly, little changes, such as adjusting the length of a necklace or bracelet, swapping out a watch band or bracelet clasp, or restyling an item of jewelry at the request of the customer, can make all the difference between a ho-hum jewelry wardrobe (or worse, jewelry left unworn) and an exciting jewelry wardrobe that flatters the wearer. The technical skills of a jeweler are critical to the success of a good jewelry wardrobe.


A jeweler who chooses also to be knowledgeable about current styles, including such considerations as the volume, scale, placement and creative combinations of jewelry, can be not only a resource for the missing links in the customer’s wardrobe, but also an important style advisor to his or her customers.


If that sounds overwhelming or outside the realm of your interest and expertise as a professional jeweler, remember that a credentialed and experienced image consultant can assess the style potential of the items in your inventory and help you help your customers tailor their jewelry wardrobes and achieve, with the strategic use of jewelry, the personal image they wish to convey.

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